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How To Monitor Internet Activity On Your Router: Mi-Inta

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The Internet puts the whole world at your fingertips. As a parent, I sometimes wonder if that’s all right.That’s why I’m happy to partner with you. speed tech today. Based in Melbourne, Australia, the founders of the company are Jonathan Shutt and Callum Anderstreme. Speedtechs develops innovative products that show users what’s going on with their internet connection in the easiest, most intuitive, and cheapest way possible. Mi-inta is the company’s latest product, allowing parents around the world to light up their online activities at home. This is the perfect solution for monitoring router internet activity and monitoring devices connected to WiFi.

How to spy on devices connected to my WiFi?

Ok, spying and covertly gathering information sounds a bit extreme. But mi-inta is Speedtechs’ solution to how you can see the internet activity of all your devices on WiFi. Generally, most people don’t know how to check what’s going on with their internet connection. Solutions exist, but they have been complex and technically oriented. mi-inta solves this problem for those concerned about online activities at home or in the office. Helps identify unusual, unwanted, abusive, or suspicious usage. It also helps identify causes of overuse that impact performance and maximize connections.

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How does Meinta work?

Here’s the best part: mi-inta is super easy to use! Just plug it into an outlet and router, and mi-inta does the rest. Now you can spy through your wifi router. It’s silly, but actually you can monitor your router’s internet activity by simply downloading the free mi-inta app. This means you can see which devices are connected to your Wifi, bandwidth used, timestamps, URLs of websites visited. No more mysteries.

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Me Inta comes in a small palm-sized box. Just plug it in and you’re done.

What’s more, the app is free, so you only have to pay once to purchase Me Inbox, which is very reasonable. mi-inta works completely standalone and does not refer to servers or other cloud he resources. This ensures optimal performance (no delay waiting for server response). It also guarantees complete security and privacy of user data. No user data is sent to the cloud or accessed outside your local network.

If you want to see more details about your recent home internet activity, mi-inta can show activity for the last minute, last 6 minutes, or last hour. If you want to see your activity for the entire day, mi-inta sums it up over 4 periods of 6 hours. With mi-inta, you can easily find out “who, when and what”.

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How is it useful to see which websites you visit over WiFi?

With mi-inta you can monitor internet activity on your home network or small business. Being able to monitor internet activity on WiFi could potentially be helpful for parents of her teen who prefer surveillance over surveillance. Parental control, is an effort to enable exploration while providing an adequate level of parental supervision. This could be useful for business her owners who need to identify all devices on their network and ensure that traffic is relevant to their business.

mi-inta illuminates your online activity as easily as turning on a flashlight, giving you a real-time glance at which WiFi devices and websites you visit. See what your kids are doing on their devices and when and how long they are using the internet. With mi-inta you can also check if something else (gaming device) or someone else (neighbor) is monopolizing the internet.

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With mi-inta you can see:

  • URLs of websites visited
  • a specific web page
  • Time spent on each website
  • Exact time the device was connected to Wi-Fi
  • Time spent online by each device

mi-inta also prevents tricks that young people may use to bypass browser checks.For example, you might think they covered their track privacy mode. No. mi-inta can still log that information, so incognito mode doesn’t hide your internet activity.

Me Inta Kickstarter

Please come speed tech Find out more about the mi-inta Kickstarter campaign and more here.

Who knew you could easily see what devices were connected to your WiFi? Did that answer your question about how to monitor internet activity on your router?

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