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How to improve your broadband speed

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hot mesh

The ultimate and most expensive way to improve your home internet speed is to invest in a capable mesh network. A mesh system works by eradicating Wi-Fi black spots by placing a network of range-extension nodes around your home. This gives you full coverage, speed and stability. Plus, it works like a single router, so you only need one Wi-Fi password.

A perfect solution for large houses and older buildings with thick stone walls, its convenience and performance cannot be overstated. The cost is clearly higher than any other product we’ve covered so far, and the price depends on which model you use and how many nodes you think you’ll need for full coverage.

For example, Netgear’s Orbi RBK852 system is one of the most expensive, but undeniably delivers excellent performance.

Mobile era

If you’re stuck with the horribly slow options offered by all your ISP providers, you can take matters into your own hands.

If you’re in an area with a strong 4G or 5G signal, you can get a SIM-enabled router that can provide blazingly fast speeds without the hassle and hassle of running cables through your home. Not only is it fun, but it can be placed anywhere without restrictions, making optimal placement a breeze.

You can get 5G SIM routers, but they’re still pretty expensive. Something like the 4G TP-Link Deco X20 works well, and if you’re not looking for the absolute latest and greatest speeds, you can even buy one of its siblings for half the price.

The best part, though, is that you can roll your monthly SIM contract. This allows you to test different networks and compare speeds for maximum flexibility.

keep safe

If your router has only basic security (or worse, no security at all), there’s always the chance that someone else is piggybacking on your network without you knowing. You could run out of width without paying, but what’s far more dangerous is that malicious intruders will do you no good.

First, check your wireless router for a sticker with login details. Then grab an internet-enabled device, go to the given web address (it should be an IP address in the format like, and enter your username and password. Under the wireless security settings there should be an option to use WPA2 password which is generally more secure than WEP.

next password generator, select Minimal Security, and click Generate. This makes his 20-character password much more difficult for a hacker to crack by brute force than his standard 8-character wireless password.

If you want to be super secure, use a 63 character password. Typing into a game console with a controller is admittedly a bit of a hassle, but it keeps you as safe as possible without turning Wi-Fi off completely and wearing a tin foil hat.

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