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How the internet reacted to the Australia’s 2-1 loss to Argentina at the World Cup

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Talent, history and World Cup success extend to Sydney Harbour. GOAT and Roo; and it all washed down in a 2-1 defeat and a chunk in the throat as big as Uluru.

Soccer’s World Cup ended after a hearty defeat to Argentina in the Round of 16.

Here’s how the internet reacted.

In the three days between Australia’s defeat of Denmark and their knockout match against Argentina, there was an unprecedented frenzy across the country.

At 5:00 am on Sunday morning, the big city viewing points were hurriedly organized and opened for a big wave of green and gold.

In Sydney:


In Adelaide:

In Melbourne, at two, Federation Square surged and over 20,000 people flocked to the Melbourne Rectangular Stadium.

And in Qatar’s stadium, the Australian contingent was overwhelmed by the Argentine hordes, a sea of ​​blue and white speckled with green and gold.

Socceroos were now playing with house money. And by all accounts, this World Cup organizer has a ton of money.

Meanwhile, this could be Lionel Messi’s last chance to win the World Cup with Argentina. Yes, the Socceroos were hanging around, but the eyes of the world were still on us.

And, as is often the case in the intense stages of the World Cup, the game began cautiously, with no early fireworks, no rush of punches, no opening grand charges.

Argentina took control of the ball and started to poke through a well dug Australian defensive block.

There was no man-marker dedicated to Messi, but the football loose’s viciousness to the superstar became apparent when Keanu Backus, who made his first start in the tournament, ran into Paris Saint-Germain’s attackers.

The opening 20 minutes passed without major angina-inducing incidents for Australian fans, but Socceroos followers were given a chance to revel in the moment and see what the team would do with the manager. I marveled at the very idea of ​​being here in . , do this.

But then, as he’s been with an otherworldly consistency throughout his career, Lionel Messi.

Messi’s free kick on the right side was partially cleared by a football loose, but possession was returned to the footballing alien. box.

When Messi creates a situation like this for himself, for the rest of the team it feels like a moment of leaning back in a chair and going through a terrifying turning point. No matter how violently I shake or growl, the inevitable pain will only continue, and there is nothing I can do now.

For Messi, scoring goals like this is as natural as breathing.

So the Australian fans, who lost 1-0 to Argentina at half-time, had to consider wildly fluctuating expectations. Just goal down? Not bad, right? But have we seen so few chances, except in the case of Messi? Again, we’re happy just to be here! Can you smell the burnt toast?

And importantly, there was the expected goals stat. In case you didn’t know, it’s a completely useless stat when it’s not in your team’s favour, but one of the most insightful when it’s in your favour.

The second half of the game began, and everyone heard the whispering of their substitute, Garan Kuol.

There was more talk of attacking substitutions, but was that Argentina making a defensive sub?

And bayonets were thrust into our own chests. Matt Ryan has played nearly flawlessly this season, but he made a terrible mistake. He touched the ball so hard that he tried to face an opposing attacker in his own area, but allowed the Argentinian to score his second goal.

Attacking subs including Quorl, who has become the youngest player to appear in a World Cup knockout game since Pele, have appeared, but hope is gone and the chest wound we’ve been treating has come back to life. rice field.

Argentina buoyed by the comfort of scoreline cushioning, Messi runs squarely across the football midfield, swinging past players like ghosts and Velcro feet without losing complete control of the ball. While supporting the body with the body, the past players were ghosted. Human Mercury, and a complete nightmare.

Just when I thought I might blow up in shame, something amazing happened.

Aziz Behic ran up the right flank and crossed, the ball ricocheting and substitute Craig Goodwin hit his first shot straight into the hand of the Argentine defender, who deflected it into the right corner.

A bolt of lightning, a stroke of luck, and a way to the game.

Our first goal in the knockout stage of the World Cup — although the scoresheet would likely go to the great multinational striker, Mr. Own Goal — and we weren’t dead at all, but we were thrilled with the contest. was alive

Behic, who must have sucked the spirit out of Messi like a dementor some time ago, ran through the entire opposition defense and nearly scored a goal for him and for all of our lives.

We had it on two time winners who were bruised but not yet knocked out. His heart skipped a beat when the football looses sent big Harry Suter up front to play as an auxiliary striker in the final minutes.

You dodged an opponent’s bullets by the second, but the risk was taken into account to get the rewards you wanted.

In the final minute of injury time, Kuol had a chance to equalize but couldn’t do it.

And that was it.

The juggernauts won and the minnows lost, but the Socceroos were stripped of their dignity and did not whine.

And nations from every corner of the globe reached out and embraced them.

With his voice shaking with emotion and tears after the match, Jackson Irvine said, “Like every moment in this tournament, I gave it my all.”

“I wish I could make people proud.”

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