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How scammers are posing as your cable and internet providers

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of Federal Trade Commission has recently received numerous reports of scammers posing as cable and internet companies. These scammers are adept at deceiving and can fool even the smartest of consumers.

Despite call-blocking apps, software, and caller ID, scammers are tricking hard-working people like you and me on the phone out of their hard-earned cash.


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A woman recently emailed me to say that this is exactly what happened to her and her husband.

“Yesterday I got a scam call from my husband claiming to be Cox Cable. I just canceled my Cox Cable TV a few days ago and the caller knew it. Reconnect and get 40% When I asked about the cost, before he could tell me the cost, he said he wanted to check our account and asked for my mother’s maiden name. I said ‘, I had the number and was going to call Cox Cable. The caller said they would call me back. I Googled the number and called Cox Cable. Actually, a scam call. The caller didn’t call back. I called my older parents to warn them about this type of scam.

“The question I have in mind is how did you know that Cox Cable has canceled its cable service for the past 11 years? Is there a breach in Cox Cable’s data systems?”

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How to tell if you’ve been scammed

Scammers pretending to be trustworthy sources like you cable or internet provider It makes it easier for victims to fall prey to them and willingly provide personal information. And sadly, more and more scammers are preying on people over the age of 65. Here’s why.

  • they are credible
  • tend to be economically stable
  • they can be trusted

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Photo of a woman who may be talking to a scammer asking for personal information over the phone.

Photo of a woman who may be talking to a scammer asking for personal information over the phone.
(Fox News)

Thankfully, there are simple red flags to determine if the person calling you is really who they say they are.

  • If they ask for personal information over the phone – Service providers will never contact you asking for this.
  • It’s from an unknown phone number- If the number isn’t one of your contacts or you’re not familiar with it, it’s most likely a scammer.

Unfortunately, some scammers are clever enough to make the caller ID look like it’s actually the company they claim to be. If they are legit they will leave a message asking you to give them a number and call them. google search Make sure your number is secure. If you don’t leave a message, you are most likely a scammer.

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How Scammers Got Personal Information of Women and Husbands

It’s surprising that the scammers seem to know the woman’s mother’s maiden name and had just canceled her cable subscription.

Mother’s maiden name is one of the most common security questions people choose to verify their identity if they are locked out of their account. This is an easy question to remember and understand. However, they are also easy to track down as they can be found with a simple internet search. Data brokers or “find people” sites collect information such as date of birth, phone number and address from: various websites, Then sell for a small commission to people looking for you online.

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An upset couple is probably upset about being scammed.

An upset couple is probably upset about being scammed.
(Fox News)

Luckily there is a way to get mediate About your personal information on the Internet.The surest way is to invest in a reputable removal service as explained in the article Here.

It’s strange how the woman and her husband found out that they canceled their subscriptions. It’s not unfathomable to think that your email might get a prying eye and reveal that you’ve canceled cable.You may consider locking your email secure email Please create an account if these calls continue to occur. Check out Secure Email #1 at CyberGuy.com/Mail.

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