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Giant Spider Lurking in Clothes Rack Horrifies Internet: ‘Help’

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A giant hunter spider lurking among the clothes on a clothing rack in an Australian home has taken the internet by surprise.

In a viral post uploaded to r/oddlyterrifying reddit group to see hereVictorian user tackxooo shared a photo of a hunter hiding under the collar of a piece of clothing.

Spider’s His legs could be seen sticking out of the crease, and he appeared to be camouflaged with brown clothing.

Tackxooo captioned the image with the caption, “Spider invading my clothes rack, help me.” It has been upvoted more than 20,300 times since it was shared on Tuesday, January 24th.

A Huntsman spider lurking in a clothes rack. Reddit users were terrified by spiders.

Reddit user said Newsweek: “[I] Most of the time, if you leave the door open at night, a hunter comes in and decides to make a home in the clothes rack he finds.

“[I] I quietly tried to remove it from my room, but now it’s hidden elsewhere and I live in constant fear of spider overlords. “

Tackxooo continues:

“People I’ve shown in real life were also pretty shocked and had some reactions like ‘burn it,’ but this particular species of spider hunts other spiders and creepy crawlers, so I don’t want to keep it.” Some said it was suitable for

The red circle around the Huntsman spider. Many commentators shared how scared the spiders were.

According to the Australian Museum, hunters Spider It has a flattened body “adapted to live in tight spaces under loose bark and rock crevices”.

“Many species of Huntsman spiders can invade homes. They have also been known to invade cars, hide behind sun visors, and run on dashboards,” the website said. I’m here.

Australian hunters are about 5.9 inches across the body and live all over the country. They are not fatal to humans, but their bites can be extremely painful and cause swelling.

Huntsman spiders also live in the subtropics of Florida, Texas, California, and the coastal regions of Georgia and South Carolina.

Many of the people who commented on the post fear of spiderssome saw the benefits of sharing a living space.

Reddit user AdministrationDue153 wrote, “I’m not kidding when I say spiders/insects/animals are the only thing preventing me from moving to Australia.”

Take-to-the-highways added: The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

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