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Get to Know the Internet Star’s Parents, Siblings and More

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family life! Addison Ray Soaring into the limelight after she claimed fame on TikTok, her family has been there with her.

The up-and-coming actress grew up in Louisiana before moving to California Once she started blowing up onlineAside from her dancing videos and beauty-focused content, fans can’t help but wonder if Addison and her mom Sherri Easterling, had a close bond. In various interviews, the Item Beauty founder also talks about the ongoing support he receives from his family. her fame continues to grow.

“They’re here. They support me. They love me,” Addison said. entertainment tonight September 2020 of her family. “I have accomplished a lot of great things in this short amount of time. Thank you and thank you for them and their time…”

For more on her family, read on.

Who are Addison Ray’s brothers?

Addison has two younger brothers. Enzo When Lucas LopezThe boys are preparing to be big stars, just like their big sisters.

Enzo, born November 16, 2007, has already had an acting role as PK in the web series. chicken girlsLucas was born on September 24, 2013 and is often seen on Addison and her family’s social media content.

Addison Ray family

Who are Addison Ray’s parents?

Sheri — also known as Sheri Nicole — is an internet star in her own right. Since then, she’s gained her own following on TikTok and co-hosted the “Mama Knows Best” podcast with Addison.

“I always want her to appreciate and appreciate me,” Sherri said. E.T. daughter’s fame. “It’s very important to me.”

Addison’s father Monty Lopez is a businessman with his own social media presence.he made July 2022 headlines surface Cheri’s cheating allegations For her part, she spoke out about the situation in a social media statement.

“Private issues that go public are always challenging and overwhelming for those involved,” she shared via Instagram Stories in a statement. , my children and their fragile hearts and minds.I will always do my best to protect them.My goal is to make them feel safe and secure and know that everything will be fine. is.”

Next month, Sherri and the rapper young gravy Attended the 2022 VMAs and kissed on the red carpet. Monty posted a shirtless selfie of her on her Instagram story, writing, “Thank you @younggravy for taking the leftovers.”

Months later, Monty confirmed that 6 pages with him Sherry is officially divorced“Our divorce is final,” he said in November 2022.

What did Addison Ray say about the drama?

“Addison is embarrassed by her parents’ behavior. In fact, she’s sick of it,” a source said. every week September 2022. She keeps her distance from her family. ”

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