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Fast Food Is a Flavor All Its Own, According to the Internet

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Originally, I was going to write an article based on a Reddit thread about how the size of the Big Mac has changed over the past 50 years. This is a very interesting comparison and probably should have been a standalone post.

Unfortunately that Reddit thread has been deleted. But what caught my attention as I scrolled through the comments was not the discussion of burger size, but rather why people order it in the first place.

This comment thread in particular was interesting.

Attachments – Reddit Fast Food Thread

At first glance it seems like an insult. But if you actually dig deeper into the thread, various commenters make some very interesting points about all fast food.

The comments are not saying the burgers are terrible. He’s not trying to insult fast food franchises. However, it has been noted that McDonald’s has a distinctive flavor to the standard home-baked hamburgers.

Attachments – Reddit Fast Food Thread 2

Same goes for other fast food restaurants.

“Everything on the subway tastes like the subway,” one person wrote.

Another said, “Exactly. I’d say the same thing about Taco Bell. If you want a taco, go somewhere else and get a taco. Taco Bell doesn’t tell you what they’re doing there.” I go only for a reason.”

And when you think about it, they’re not wrong.

Photo by Getty Images for Joshua Blanchard/Taco Bell

Photo by Getty Images for Joshua Blanchard/Taco Bell

No one says, “I want a hamburger. Let’s go to McDonald’s.” They say, “I want McDonald’s.” They especially crave the science that McDonald’s does to their food (some complex, scientific stuff involving amino acids and additives).

No one says, “I want tacos, let’s go to Taco Bell.” Don’t say, “I want a Yankee Poboy, let’s go to Subway.”

They say “I want Mexican pizza” or “I want Italian BMT”. They crave certain menu items that they can’t get anywhere else.

You can get a glimpse into the world of fast food. KFC has 11 different herbs and spices, and Popeye’s has a Louisiana kitchen underway. We find that completely different flavors have his profiles and those particular profiles are what create customer loyalty. That’s what makes people so ideological when it comes to choosing fast food.

So what does fast food taste like to you?

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