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EU-based DNS Internet Infrastructure Beginning to Take Shape, Planned to Onboard 100 Million Users

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The EU has promoted the development of DNS4EU, a European public DNS resolver with built-in filtering capabilities, as a way to strengthen the EU’s “digital sovereignty” and protect citizens, businesses and public institutions from phishing attacks and malware. I was. In December 2021, a consortium of 13 public and private companies from 10 European countries was approved for a project to build a coordinated public DNS resolution service for the EU. The project will take three years to roll out and he hopes to reach 100 million people.A year later, the project seem to be moving forward.

Big picture: What are the main reasons for DNS4EU?

  • The goal of the EU’s new DNS service is to make the digital infrastructure less dependent on foreign service providers, US-based technology companies.
  • Integrating DNS resolution in the hands of a small number of resolvers is a security risk
  • As of January 2022, approximately 12.2% of EU residents are using public resolvers managed by companies headquartered in California.
  • Private resolvers within the EU accounted for only 0.2% of total queries, while those sent to private resolvers outside the EU accounted for 0.9%.
  • EU wants its own DNS with strong data protection and privacy rules that can positively impact ordinary people’s lives

For now, the service is not intended for the general public and can be recommended to the general public, but not enforced. It states that it does not store logs linked to a specific individual’s IP address. This means that if law enforcement requests such information, it cannot be fulfilled.

Dig deeper: Last year, APNIC Chief Scientist Geoff Huston wrote a thoughtful and widely read article about the DNS4EU project that was made public. Circle ID is here.

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