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Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite internet gets approval in the Philippines

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Elon Musk’s Starlink has been approved in the Philippines. Satellite Internet services are expected to provide fast and reliable Internet to regions of Southeast Asian countries where services are not well-developed. It also provides an attractive alternative to existing Internet providers in the country. Most of these providers are unpopular due to their inferior cost and service.

In a statement, the Philippine National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) said it had approved Starlink Internet Services Philippines Inc.’s registration as a value-added services (VAS) provider. Starlink Internet Services Philippines Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Philippines. Elon Musk Private Space CompanySpaceX.

NTC added that Starlink’s registration paved the way for the company to launch. Internet access service In the Philippine market in the coming months. Regulators also said that Starlink Philippines’ VAS registration “allows the company to build and operate broadband equipment that provides direct access to satellite systems and Internet services.”

Bien Marquez of Quisumbing Torres, a SpaceX lawyer in the Philippines, has published several words of thanks Thanks to NTC for their efforts to facilitate the deployment of Starlink’s VAS licenses.

“Thanks to NTC for issuing Starlink’s VAS license 30 minutes after submitting a fully qualified application. This is due to unserviced areas and inadequate service. It demonstrates the government’s seriousness in addressing the country’s connectivity needs in the region, which prepares for natural disasters and disasters, “Marquez said.

Consumers will be pleased with the arrival of Starlink in the Philippines. After all, the average download speed in the Philippines is 32.37 Mbps, ranking about 100th in the world rankings.As pointed out by VICEPhilippines internet service is also one of the most expensive services in the world, 2020 Digital Quality of Life Index The Philippines ranks 82nd in the affordable internet of 85 countries.

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Elon Musk’s Starlink Satellite Internet Approves in Philippines

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