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Dog’s ‘Incredible’ Restraint When Left Alone with Juicy Steak Wows Internet

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Golden retriever After passing what might be the ultimate test of discipline, it’s in a good book of her owner-pleasing the world with video footage Social media..

Erie’s footage dog Resisting the urge to dig into two plates of perfectly cooked steak and chicken is TicktakuThe clip has recorded 21.1 million views.

Clips posted by the account elliegoldenlife received thousands of comments from their owners. Pets dog.

When it comes to food, there are few things that appeal to dogs. meat.. For things like steaks, lamb and pork, it can extend to high fat content. According to a study at Oregon State University, cats prefer carbohydrates, but dogs are attracted to fatty foods.

As part of the study, 17 healthy dogs were given four food choices, all with the same taste, during the month. The only difference was that one provided a high fat, one high carbohydrate, one high protein, and a fourth all three balances.

Dogs were given one hour each day to eat everything they needed up to a given calorie intake, depending on their metabolic requirements and body weight. They found that dogs chose 41% fat and 36% carbohydrates, while few dogs chose protein-based foods.

All of this only makes Erie’s restraint show a little more impressive.

Her owner, Kevin Buboldz, definitely deserves praise for training Erie very well, but the Golden Retriever The most compliant breed When it comes to tricks and discipline.

In the video, Buboltz places Erie in front of two plates of steak and chicken, cuts into two fully cooked meat slabs, and is even more appetizing.You can see the clip here..

Ellie can see Bubolts craving for a steak before raising the ante. To the golden retriever Lick a small piece of meat.

Then he tells her to “wait” while leaving the room. A few seconds of tension with Erie’s trained camera elapses while Erie waits, staring at the steak just a few centimeters from her nose.

Bubolts is out of the room for about 10 seconds, but feels like an eternal watch as his pet dog maximizes her level to resist temptation.

Incredibly, she’s solid and justified in choosing either steak or chicken. Ellie naturally chooses the steak, but when the clip is over, she can see her grab the last groove of the chicken.

In commenting on the video, TikToker ChadMC was praised for the cheeky way “she went to eat chicken last.”

But for most people watching the footage, the incredible discipline that the Golden Retriever showed throughout was the main attraction. Acctforanything asked: “How did you train her so well?” 2thousand6__ was also a confused sentence, “Is it the only one who can’t believe he’s just licking it legally?” “

Amy Dickinson couldn’t understand that Erie wasn’t “drooling everywhere.” She added that if it were her dog, there would have been a “lake” on the table.

Clairee._e was similarly impressed and commented: And the table. “

Newsweek I contacted Bubolts for comment.

Stock Images of Dogs and Rare Steaks-Pet dogs have passed the ultimate test of their dog training.
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