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‘Doge’ meme shiba inu is seriously ill, owner says

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Kabosu is an Internet-famous dog,dogge meme A decade-long influence on digital culture, he has leukemia and liver disease.

A 17-year-old Shiba Inu “voluntarily stopped eating and drinking” on Christmas Eve and was diagnosed with acute cholangiohepatitis and chronic lymphomatous leukemia. Instagram series Contributor Owner Atsuko SatoSakura Kindergarten Teacher, Japan.

Kabosu’s appetite has returned, Sato said, but before wrote a blog The dog became less active and slowed down.

Kabosu became one of the most recognizable animals on the internet in 2010 when photos of her posing with her legs crossed and a questioning expression on her face went viral on Reddit, Tumblr and 4Chan. became. Her Internet users soon began photo-shopping her for Kabosu’s face in pastries, landmarks, and other animals.The meme was later adopted by brands such as Oreo And the Stockholm metro.

The popularity of the “doge” meme was cemented in December 2013 when two programmers introduced a different method. Cryptocurrency He called it Dogecoin as an ironic reaction to Bitcoin, reflecting the internet’s love of animal memes.“meme coin” or satire of cryptocurrency.

Elon Musk is a fanand Dogecoin sponsored England’s Watford Football Club, with Kabosu’s face appearing on the sleeve of the team’s jersey.

Kabosu’s legacy can also be seen in the popularity of other Shiba Inu-related memes that gained popularity in the 2020s. These include the North Atlantic Fellas Organization, a pro-Ukrainian social media movement dedicated to ridiculing the Russian war effort and countering disinformation.

After raising money for the Ukrainian military, the Ministry of Defense tweeted a modified photo of a Shiba Inu in a work uniform as a thank you.

In Sato’s latest post about Kabosu, she said the dog was in “very dangerous condition” and appeared to have jaundice, but was also taking antibiotics. We are receiving power from all over the world!”, thanking the Kabosu fans for their support.

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