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Cats with ‘Opposite Emotional Expressions’ Leave Internet in Hysterics

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We are comparing two ragdoll cats with very different facial expressions. disney A TikTok character.

so video Posted by user @melinragdoll, shared on Jan. 23, Hailey Ward shares a clip of her two fur babies.

The first clip shows Ivy happily rolling around on the living room rug. Meanwhile, Merlin and his b**** at rest are angrily glaring at the camera. The next clip is a close-up of Merlin’s fierce stare, followed by a close-up of Ivy that could melt butter.

Next is a shot of Merlin looking menacingly at the owner through a crack in the door, followed by one of Ivy sitting politely. Other shots include a candlelit fierce Merlin dressed as Dracula and a zoomed-in shot of his angry little face. and gently staring at the camera.

The hilarious video, captioned “My cat has opposite emotes,” has garnered nearly 18 million views and 4.7 million likes.

Ragdoll Cats – Beauty or the Beast

Marlin’s face might suggest otherwise, but the Cat Lovers Association describes ragdoll cats as “obedient, calm and affectionate.”

First bred in the 1960s by a Californian named Ann Baker, Ragdolls are easily recognizable by their semi-long coats and blue eyes, but they can have a wide variety of colors and fur patterns.

in an interview with Newsweek discuss The friendliest cat breed in the worldVeterinary Content Company veterinarian Dr. Joanna Woodnutt lists Ragdolls as one of her top choices, Siamese cat.

However, she noticed that the personalities of cats can vary widely, even within the same breed.

“All cats are unique, and their personalities vary widely, from overly friendly to smug,” she said.

“Additionally, how a cat is housed can make a big difference in the friendliness of a cat.”

Left, stock photo of a ragdoll cat with an angry face. That’s right, a ragdoll cat with an angelic face. Merlin and Ivy were compared to various classic queer couples such as Beauty and the Beast and Wednesday and Enid.
Princess Jean Element/Kenneth Chow/iStock/Getty Images Plus

“Merlin is crazy about life”

Vanessa Sikora calls them “The Princess and the Evil Queen”.

“Beauty and the Beast” and Amanda Daneker.

“Literally there’s good on one side and evil on the other,” drod commented.

“Me and my two personalities,” aves wrote.

Stephanie likened the duo to Wednesday Adams and Enid Sinclair. netflix series WednesdayWhen Taylor Aliotti compared Marlin to Ron Swanson, the sitcom’s grumpy head of department parks and recreation.

“Merlin is crazy about life,” commented Diego Pimentel.

“Merlin’s fur looks angry too,” Buggy said.

“Imagine seeing Merlin on your doorstep at 3am,” Paige commented.

Sabrine Palma said, “I will die for Ivy.”

“The white cat is cuter than me,” said Bamley.

“[He] ignorant and seemingly happy just to be there,” Strawberry wrote.

“He’s so angelic and beautiful,” said Lisa Williams.

Nate believed the odd pair would “complete each other.”

Newsweek Asked @merlinragdoll for comment.

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