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Cat’s Blank Expression Has Internet Cracking Up

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According to scientific research, cats Pretty smart..They can learn trickLearn them nameAnd their humans Life-threatening situation..

Some cats may not be as smart as others, but they don’t spoil the loveliness of one cat, as one cat showed in TikTok. And in the process, we were able to start a new trend.

A stock image of an orange tabby cat lying on its back and looking up at its owner. Walter may have an affair where his brain cells should be, but Tik Tokers couldn’t get enough “handsome” boys.
Valerie Kudryavtsev / iStock / Getty Images Plus

In a video shared on March 28th, the account @ walter.the.catt video A ginger beetle staring at the camera vaguely while Walter’s owner is singing.

“What’s between those ears, is it the brain?

“No, just an affair.

“I don’t have a brain, I’m just cheating. That’s right.”

Since being posted, the clip has received about 500,000 likes and 2,800 comments from TikTok users, praising Walter’s looks, if not his intelligence.

Matthias Kane said, “a good looking cat.”

Elina agreed and wrote “cute”.

While the bear commented 🙂 “The cat looks very lost.”

When it comes to intelligence, cats and dogs regularly compete with each other for the title of “smartest pet.” However, it is not easy to compare the intelligence of common household pets, as different animals excel in different areas.

According to a 2017 study, dogs have twice as many neurons in the cerebral cortex as cats, Old experiment The cat has shown to be more robust. In a puzzle study, the cat’s natural independence meant they were willing to work hard until the task was completed, but the dog quickly gave up and turned to the owner for help.

however, Significantly more research About the intellect of dogs rather than cats, as the innate stubbornness of cats makes it difficult to study them.Dogs are also Domestication Longer than cats, more obedient and easier to train.

Walter currently has 2.2 million followers watching his Shenanigan on TikTok, most of which he is. Saucy, Begging for food Or just simply Staring at his owner For a long time.Sometimes called his brother-the calico cat gas— As with many songs written and sung by his mom, they appear.

The songs Walter and “No brain, just floof” have been viral since they were first posted, and other pet owners have used the sounds to create their own versions.

Called fluffy Samoyed Boomer His astronaut suit and his fun delighted the user with a confused look.in the meantime Hobnobu The apparent lack of guinea pigs and his brain cells received his own 144,000 likes.

Walter’s mom’s singing and songwriting abilities also received a lot of compliments from fellow TikTok users.

Rachel said: “The national anthem of an orange cat.”

Still on Friday the 13th, he wrote, “Our voice is very nice, it relaxes me.”

Jerry Child asked: “What did you think of this masterpiece?[?]””

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