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Bridgeport’s big broadband plans stumble

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BRIDGEPORT — City officials have spent much of Bridgeport’s $110 million federal coronavirus relief effort, one of the priorities Mayor Joe Gannim announced as part of the budget. Improvements in broadband infrastructure are not moving forward.

Proponents of the effort have expressed disappointment, but there is also the question of what happens to the particular $8 million set going forward.

Over a year ago, in August 2021, the mayor’s office We have announced some methods that we plan to use part of the city American Rescue Plan (ARP) Dollars, from helping hundreds of local businesses and nonprofits to funding youth programs and helping residents facing eviction. And they came true.

One of the largest single investments was an $8 million investment in broadband infrastructure to give residents and businesses better access to high-speed internet. Earlier this month, Ganim’s aide Tom Gaudett, who has been closely involved in overseeing the use of the ARP dollar, briefly told members of the city council’s budget committee that his broadband project is not actually taking place. I was.

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