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braands.io bridging the gap between Internet Domains and Utility NFTs

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Gurugram, India–()– The competitive landscape for Internet and NFT domains is diverse, with a mix of traditional domain registration providers. NFTs are unique digital assets, often used to represent ownership of items such as artwork, collectibles, and even virtual real estate. But people have been unable to truly create value with technology and its potential.

braands.io is here to save the day! By providing access to the world’s first blockchain-based brand asset marketplace, we can finally unlock the possibility of owning a piece of an internet domain. can.

braands.io is a marketplace that allows individuals and businesses to invest in and own some of their brand assets, such as internet domains, and create logos for these assets as NFTs.

The marketplace allows users to buy and sell portions of NFTs or entire NFT ownership through auctions. This means that multiple entities can stake her one internet domain, creating new opportunities for profitable domainization and fractional ownership. If an individual owns 50% or more of his domain, he has the power to modify DNS records, including A, NS, and MX records, for purposes of redirecting, creating subdomains, and setting email addresses. Braands’ dedicated Internet domains are now available through platforms such as OpenSea, Rarible and Binance.

It is an innovative branded asset ecosystem that allows users to purchase and own internet domains as digital assets using non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This means that when you buy a domain from braands, you are actually creating her NFT giving you full ownership over the domain and all content associated with it. The purchase and management of branded domains is subject to the policies and guidelines set by ICANN.

“Domain name systems play an important role in digital business by making the process of buying domain names transparent, accessible, and profitable for resellers and brokers. The Internet as an NFT. We bring the potential of domains to the masses and enable anyone to buy, own, auction and profit from generic internet domains, thus allowing other users to purchase premium internet domains as well. You can own some.

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