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Boyfriend’s Response to Partner Saying ‘I Love You’ Shocks Internet

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One woman was supported by other internet users when she asked for advice after being confused by a game she felt her partner was playing with her feelings.

Mumsnet user Seapearlstar shared a post on a UK-based forum describing how he reconnected with someone he had been in an on-off relationship for the past three years. After noticing how positive things have been in the past six months, users felt they were able to open up to their partners and told them they loved them.

Unfortunately for Mumsnet users, she Partner didn’t give the reaction she wantedThese confusing comments led the original poster to be “blind” to what his partner was trying to tell her. I felt

Poster felt her partner was ‘playing a game’, was ‘mad at him’, ‘said some nasty things’ and sent voice messages in ‘angry tone’ I admit that

A troubled looking couple are sitting together. After a woman became confused by a game she felt her partner was playing with her feelings, she turned to Mumsnet for advice.
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Conducted in 2011, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology We identified common trends among heterosexual partners, especially regarding their commitment to each other.

They found that men spend an average of 97.3 days thinking about saying “I love you” to their partner, while women spend an average of 138 days thinking about saying the important words. The study also found that men were more likely to say the word in front of their partner.

Both men and women generally report feeling happier whenever their partners say they love them.

Tracy Clem, a psychotherapist who specializes in building healthy relationships, says: Newsweek: “Miscommunication is common in all relationships. Trying to navigate can leave you hurt and frustrated. What matters is how you recover from miscommunication.

“Seeking expression and explanation are two of the best ways to deal with misunderstandings. Express how you feel and ask for an explanation of what your partner thinks and feels. When we keep our emotions to ourselves, we often create a different story than it actually is.

Woman feeling her partner is playing games
In this stock image, a young couple is seen arguing. After her partner said she loved him, the woman was left “blind” after she replied, “I’m glad” and “Don’t give to get.”
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Klemme also talks about how open thinking can help reframe one’s perspective.

moms net postsShared on January 23rd had received 172 comments at the time of writing. Her original post has a lot of support after stating that she’s “a bit out of her mind,” and many comments feel her partner is wrong.

User immediately provided advice Reassure the original poster that you don’t believe she’s badAs one person commented:

“He’s playing games to gain control, but you’re letting yourself down with a nasty reaction. I apologize for the nasty things you said to him and see what he says.” Please…his level.”

If you have a personal dilemma, let us know at [email protected] You can seek professional advice on relationships, family, friends, money, and work. Newsweek’s “What should I do?” section.

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