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Around 9 in 10 of Internet Users Do Not Password-Protect Their Wi-Fi / Digital Information World

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Wi-Fi is like a house that requires a Wi-Fi password as a lock to protect your Wi-Fi from third parties accessing your Wi-Fi information unless you want it.

Regardless of its importance, one study found that 89% of Internet users do not password protect their Wi-Fi connections. Additionally, only 3% of users password-protect their Wi-Fi networks, and 7% of them don’t even know they have her Wi-Fi key.

In addition to it, PC Matic highlights data from a survey of 2,500 people across the United States. We belong to different categories of Wi-Fi networking users featured in the 2022 Password Hygiene and Habits Report. About 1 in 9% of people who use Wi-Fi networks are not in the habit of changing their passwords. About 37% of users have set a password and haven’t set one since, but thankfully, the percentage of these users is steadily declining. Then comes the 9% of her who are completely unaware of the existence of Wi-Fi passwords.

An unsecured Wi-Fi connection is an open area that cybercriminals can access. User IDs and passwords for accounts, launching malware attacks on devices, and redirecting to malicious web pages containing personal information. Your address, credit card and bank details can easily be leaked. Collected data may be used in unlawful ways. Internet Service Providers are responsible for all leaks of confidential information and can be legally prosecuted as criminals.

However, there are some steps you can take to ensure network security. The most important steps are to create a unique password that is strong, long, and easy to remember, install antimalware software and keep it up to date, and protect your Wi-Fi passwords. Then enable two-factor authentication methods for signing into your network or account through other sources. Thankfully, a new advanced feature of separate guest networks has been introduced on some routers. This saves the primary network and makes it easier to work with devices belonging to the guest.

So, if you don’t know the importance of network security and don’t really know how it works, this article is the best guide for you. By implementing the above security measures, you can enjoy Wi-Fi functions with peace of mind.

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