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America’s internet is splitting along party lines

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New investments flooding partisan media platforms are beginning to rebuild the American internet business around the United States Deepen political division..

Important reason: For years, Internet theorists have warned that the “sprinter net,” the global Internet, will be divided into regions that comply with various rules and laws. Such things are now beginning to happen in the United States, dividing the online world into red and blue sectors.

News promotion: Daily Wire, a conservative digital media company, Planning to invest A “minimum $ 100 million” in kids entertainment over the next three years as a direct reaction to Disney’s opposition to the recently passed Florida “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

  • This effort shows that even the normally non-political media territory can be drawn into the partisan stage.
  • The Daily Wire has been at the forefront of building products that offer alternatives to mainstream brands that conservatives feel do not support their point of view. movie When Razor..

Big picture: Red and blue America have responded to the current information environment in radically different ways.

  • Progressive focuses on ensuring that existing media and online platforms crack down on false information.
  • Conservatives are increasingly feeling deprived of their rights by the media, from mainstream news outlets to social platforms, and are starting to invest in alternatives.

Notable points: Billionaire is investing more money than ever in both of these efforts.

  • Elon Musk On Monday, a few weeks after investigating Twitter followers on Twitter’s support for free speech, it released a 9.2% stake in Twitter (equivalent to about $ 3 billion). Implicit There will be “results” in voting.
  • on the right, Donald Trump’s new social network Difficult to start up, Reportedly raised $ 1 billion for a blank check IPO.Conservative Techniques Billionaire Peter Thiel is a conservative rival to Facebook’s conservative rivals Rumble and Tinder. The right one.. Rebekah Mercer, a conservative billionaire, co-founded and funded a conservative Twitter alternative parlor.
  • on the left, Billionaire Reid Hoffman, George Soros, etc. backing A new utility that aims to tackle disinformation by funding a local news site on the left. Other millionaires like Jeff Bezos, Marc Benioff, Laurene Powell Jobs, bought The characteristics of venerable media.

Be wise: Traditional media companies and online platforms have prospered by serving as many viewers as possible, regardless of political trends.

  • As a business model for internet media Shift to Due to their direct relationships with paid customers, companies are not focusing on scale for themselves, but on products that attract true followers.

Zoom out: Since the aftermath of the Capitol riots on January 6, most internet companies have The platform has been lifted Former President Trump and conservatives have been aggressively building alternative communications infrastructure, including their own cloud storage and crypto companies.

Conclusion: As this trend continues, companies that have long been considered non-political will face overwhelming pressure on which side to choose.

  • For example, conservatives are now urging consumers to abolish DirecTV, a satellite TV provider. decision Do not renew your delivery contract with OAN, a conservative television network.

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