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Al Roker Divides the Internet With Holiday Recipe, Shares Glimpse Into His Cozy Holiday

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The recipe may have convinced his relatives, but fans are skeptical of what he did with the turkey.

Al Roker celebrated the holiday in family, fur babyand lots of food— but one item on the menu had fans flocking to the comments.

Roker, 68, caught a glimpse of him. Christmas with images of his family and his celebration puppyPepper, with a questionable video of him training them turkey Dinner.

The clip showed a big one bird Spread on a baking tray with a thick layer of off-white gooey covering the main dish. Roker later elaborated that the substance coating the poultry pieces was a mayonnaise-based glaze.

“This is a turkey turkey that I have seen. new york timescovered in a marinade-like herb mayo.” NBC A meteorologist speaks in a video.

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About an hour and a half later, tv set The personality took the cooked bird out of the oven and showed fans the finished product recipe It looked like Roker also said that his wife ABC news correspondent Deborah Roberts, I said “it looks weird” but was still open to trying.

The video continues with a turkey on the Christmas table, overlaid with the text “Success!!! Deborah says it was delicious!!”

The family’s verdict may have been favourable, but fans weren’t quite sure what to think. today Performance The host noted that “the mayonnaise makes it really juicy,” while others joked that the turkey “looked like it had been run over by a reindeer.”

But what the presenter’s followers could agree on was how sweet the family’s Christmas Day celebration looked and how much joy it was. Roker had recovered in time for the vacation next report of his recent hospitalization.

Earlier in the day, Roker shared a few snaps of the family gathering around a table with Pepper lounging in front of him. decorated tree,and amazing pictures of them christmas breakfast expansion.

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“You are Giftal! Merry Christmas Roker family 🌲,” cried one fan.

Another gushed, “I love Peppers matching pjs! 😍 Merry Christmas!”

“Merry 🎊 Christmas 🎄, Al! I’m so happy ☺️ you’re home 🏡, how are you! We 💙 you!” I’m glad you did, Al. Merry Christmas!” he added.

Cheers to happiness and health new year For the Roker Family!

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