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With winter heating costs soaring, here’s where you can go for help

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Federal funding for home heating support increases significantly as inflation eases

(Francisco Kjolseth | The Salt Lake Tribune) Home heating costs have increased this year, but there is help available for those struggling to pay their utility bills.

This story is part of The Salt Lake Tribune’s ongoing effort to identify solutions to Utah’s biggest challenges through its Innovation Lab activities.

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Winter is here and utility bills are high.

And with energy costs riding a wave of inflation, this could prove to be an even tougher year.

For example, Dominion Energy big rate increase From customers of natural gas services.

There is help for those who live near bones. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has announced that he will have $4.5 billion available this year in low-income home energy assistance programs. This is a 16% increase over last year’s funding.

households with income up to 150% of federal poverty level I am entitled to help. For her family of four in Utah, that income limit is $3,469 a month.

To be eligible, a recipient must be responsible for paying for the heating of their home and have at least one “eligible noncitizen” living in the household, including a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

In Utah, the Heat Energy Assistance Target (HEAT) program is administered by the Utah Department of Labor, and Utah residents can apply for help online. jobs.utah.gov/housing/scso/seal/heat.html# Or call your state HEAT office at 1-866-205-4357.

You can also apply directly. HEAT offices in the stateResidents of Salt Lake and Thule County Utah Community Action, 1307 S 900 West, Salt Lake City, UT 84104

Last year, Utah HEAT winners were eligible Up to $850 per year Help with their utility bills.

“Although we haven’t seen an increase yet, we expect the weather to cool,” said Workforce Services spokesperson Sarah Nielson.

Dominion Energy and Salvation Army offer separate assistance programs. Community Health Residential Energy Assistance (REACH), funded by donations from Dominion customers, employees and shareholders. Interested parties can visit The Salvation Army’s Salt Lake City office at 438 S. 900 West or call 1-800-SAL-ARMY.

Utah people also Home Appliance Lifeline Program (HELP), which pays $13.95 per month for electricity bills for those who qualify.Interested applicants can apply through the HEAT program or through another application. https://jobs.utah.gov/housing/scso/seal/help.html.

The Salvation Army also works with Salt Lake City Public Utilities. Water charge subsidy system The project, called Project Water ASSIST, is partially funded by donations from utility customers. Applicants must meet the poverty level of 150%, be over 60, be disabled, or be eligible for the Salt Lake County tax relief.

For those looking to avoid those high bills with insulation, the Department of Workforce Services also oversees a weatherproofing program for low-income households. Adding insulation, sealing cracks, and other efficiency opportunities. Funds are available forApplicants can apply at Same HEAT office around the state. This program is available to homeowners and renters. Tenants must obtain permission from the landlord.

Households above the 150% poverty line and not covered by these programs still have incentives to upgrade their old stoves and water heaters to more efficient heat pumps. Dominion Energy offers a variety of incentives. Thermwise program. Rocky Mountain Power offers similar incentives. WattSmart and other programs. Those with a municipal power system or a local power cooperative can check with their provider for similar programs.

Tim Fitzpatrick is a renewable energy reporter for The Salt Lake Tribune and has received a grant from Rocky Mountain Power. Tribune controls all editorial decisions independent of Rocky Mountain Power.

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