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Will there be a Garmin Vivoactive 5? Release, price, and specs rumors

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Andy Walker / Android Authority

From the feature-packed Fenix 7 Pro to the budget-friendly Venu Sq 2, shoppers have diverse options when it comes to Garmin watches. Above all, the company boasts some of the best fitness-tracking lines available. However, despite the vivoactive 4’s positive reviews, we may have seen all there is to see from the family. Garmin hasn’t launched a new generation since 2019 and rumors about a follow-up have been all but scarce. In other words, it’s unclear whether the vivoactive 5 will ever make its way to shelves.

Garmin vivoactive 5: At a glance

  • When is it coming out? It seems increasingly unlikely that a Garmin vivoactive 5 will in fact come out. Garmin has yet to confirm whether a new generation will make its way to shelves or not.
  • What’s new? Garmin may drop the vivoactive lineup in favor of its successful Venu series and higher-end multisport offerings.
  • How much will it cost? It’s nearly impossible to say, but our guess is, that should Garmin maintain the vivoactive line, the vivoactive 5 will be priced at around $349.

Will there be a vivoactive 5?

A Garmin device on a user's wrist displays the time.

Andy Walker / Android Authority

At this point, the vivoactive line is very much up in the air. The most recent generation, the Vivoactive 4 arrived in 2019, roughly two years after 2017’s Vivoactive 3. Though the device was a massive success, it’s now been about four years since we’ve seen or heard anything new related to the line. Meanwhile, Garmin has further bolstered its stable with an AMOLED-touting Venu lineup. It’s possible that the Venu line has simply replaced the vivoactive series as a solid midrange multisport watch with even more smartwatch features.

On the other hand, we haven’t officially heard that the vivoactive line will be discontinued either. Without Garmin announcing the company is done developing the lineup, there is always a possibility a new generation is in the works.

What is the vivoactive 5 release date?

A Garmin vivoactive 4 review rests face up with its buttons highlighted.
  • Garmin vivoactive: March 2015
  • Garmin vivoactive HR: February 2016
  • Garmin vivoactive 3: August 2017
  • Garmin vivoactive 4: September 2019

Unless Garmin is keeping the product’s development very close to its chest, it’s unlikely a vivoactive 5 launch date will ever arrive. We simply would have heard something about it. Instead, we’ve yet to hear any rumors or see any leaks about a 5th generation in production. Meanwhile, the growing popularity of the Venu series, including the new Venu 3, and the addition of AMOLED displays on more and more Garmin lineups suggest that the company has moved on.

In other words, we would have anticipated a new generation by now if Garmin were planning to maintain the vivoactive family. Given that it’s already been four years since the vivoactive 4 launched, it’s impossible to guess what schedule Garmin would follow to reintroduce the lineup at this point.

What specs and features will the device have?

A Garmin device displays its quick settings menu.

As unlikely as a vivoactive 5 seems, it’s still easy to imagine what specs and features the device would have if it were to launch. First, we’d expect the return of all the dedicated health and fitness tracking tools found on the vivoactive 4. These include everything from accurate GPS and heart rate monitoring to advanced sleep tracking and built-in, animated workouts. We’d also anticipate the return of Google Pay, music storage, and third-party app support. Garmin-specific training tools such as Body Battery would be sure to make an appearance, as well as newer Garmin tools that have been launched since 2019.

Other upgrades that may make their way to the line include features that have become quite standard since 2019. For starters, the 5 could introduce an AMOLED display to the series. This of course could impact the device’s battery life, but we’d anticipate Garmin making the necessary adjustments to continue offering week-long specs. The vivoactive 5 could also add ECG capabilities like the Venu 2 Plus or even a temperature sensor. Both of these health tools are found on many comparable devices at this price point. Finally, we would hope to see the line add more smart features, especially voice assistant support.

As far as design, the vivoactive 5 would likely aim to provide variety with two case sizes mirroring the 4 and 4S. This would put the devices at 40mm and 45mm. If Garmin were to retain MIP displays on the lineup, we’d expect improved resolutions.

What will the vivoactive 5 price be if and when it comes?

  • Garmin vivoactive: March 2015
  • Garmin vivoactive HR: $249
  • Garmin vivoactive 3 and 3 Music: $249 and $299
  • Garmin vivoactive 4: $329

If a vivoactive 5 were to launch, we’d expect it to hang around the same price point as its predecessor. The vivoactive 4 launched at $349, a reasonable price compared to many popular wearables. Plus, a $100 lower price than the new Venu 3 would differentiate the two devices. This could help the vivoactive 5 maintain a unique spot in Garmin’s lineup.

What alternatives are there to the vivoactive series?

Apple Watch Series 8 vs competition

Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

If your heart’s set on a vivoactive 5 but you don’t want to be left hanging, there are plenty of other options. From Garmin’s stable, we recommend the Garmin Venu 3 ($449.99 at Garmin). With a beautiful AMOLED display, the newest Venu is a feature-packed device with fantastic fitness tracking. It also boasts a healthy number of smart features.

At a lower price point, the budget-friendly Venu SQ 2 ($249.99 at Amazon) also touts an AMOLED display, only a square one. The device offers a pared-down experience in terms of smart features but still packs a host of Garmin fitness tracking tools. At the other end of the spectrum, the Garmin Fenix 7 Pro ($799) is very pricey but offers everything Garmin has to offer on a multisport watch, including solar charging.

Beyond Garmin’s stable, the Apple Watch remains the best smartwatch for iOS users with the Series 8 ($329 at Amazon) currently the company’s newest model. For Android users, we recommend taking a look at the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 ($299.99 at Samsung) for a well-rounded smartwatch with fitness tracking capabilities.

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