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Will iPhones And Galaxies Adopt This Radical New Smartphone Camera Technology?

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A whole new breed of smartphone camera lenses is expected to arrive in 2023 and should fundamentally improve photo and video capture at higher zoom levels.

A new technology called “Eagle Eye Lens” developed by Chinese tech company Tecno Mobile can not only track moving objects but also keep them in the center of the frame. This can be very difficult to achieve on handheld devices. .

According to Tecno, Eagle Eye Lens is the first company to offer a dual prism telephoto periscope lens. Using a pair of prisms allows the lens to offer a very wide tilt angle, allowing the lens to be internally adjusted to follow moving objects, while at the same time providing more advanced optical image stabilization. We can provide.Company Claim “True AI tracking with a wide stability angle of 6 degrees on both positive and negative axes.”

Tracking fast-moving objects at great distances is typically a difficult task that requires considerable user skill. The zoomed-in on-screen image only provides a very narrow “window” to view the scene, so if a subject strays out of frame, it can easily become untrackable. You can see that it has a big impact on both photo and video shooting at the zoom range. With an AI-assisted optical tracking system, capturing action videos of sporting events, pets running around the garden, and more becomes much easier.

Of course, how well the lens will perform in practice remains to be seen, and there are obvious concerns about the reliability and durability of a lens with important extra moving parts. We won’t have to wait long to find out, as we plan to be the first to introduce this technology in our smartphone products. think.

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