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Valley News – Column: An ongoing dialogue with a digital device

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Release date: May 25, 2022 6:02:17 AM

Date changed: May 25, 2022 6:00:17 AM

Last winter my friend slipped on the ice and fell hard on the pavement. She was stunned and she might have been lying there for a while, but her passers-by found her and, despite her protests, took her to an aid station, where she was her He was taken to the hospital for treatment and evaluation. Coincidentally, she has a close friend who is crazy about her personal digital device. After taking a closer look at her, they get a digital clock that can detect the fall of her owner, ask if she needs help, and if there is no response, notify her paramedics and she I persuaded her to let her know where she was.

I wrote this on the eve of my birthday — Queen Victoria (remember Victoria Day?), Bob Dylan (just a kid; I knew him when he was still Robert Zimmerman in Manhattan. And share the date with my old school roommate — and when I’m investigating the wreckage of the time I’m sitting in an office chair, I’m my friend’s accident and her I am grateful for my friend’s advice.

The result of that combination remains on my left wrist from immediately after setting the coffee maker (M. Henri-Pierre Café) to work with the ration for the day until just before bedtime. , Appears on the colorful watch face and is set in the charger at night.

I call her Kathy (this is complicated, bear me). Her real name nickname is Cassius, the female form of Cassius, where Brutus asks, “What danger do you put me at?” (See, said it’s complicated.) This little thing on my wrist runs a functional genius. For example, she always shows my heart rate, but for me her most obvious feature is getting up from the desk and moving around frequently. She’s very cheerful and polite — “It’s time to get up and move around for a few minutes!” — But I know someone who knows how to turn her crunchy little product into something like Al Pacino says. I was told that I was there. You can imagine what it is. I love it because I was able to answer her in the same language. You talk to me, companion? ”

That’s probably her most amazing: we can talk! Growing up in the fantasy of Dick Tracy’s watch radio, I hadn’t thought of watching it yet. But, supported by an irresistible flow, I was wiped from one wonder to another. A few years ago, after my wife died, I joined a system where I could ask for help using a pendant, a shower button, or a pin-on button for hiking. It has been superseded by an iPhone that performs the same function, which is about $ 90 less a month. And now I can leave a clunky phone at home, because Kathy can do it all. She listens to everything I say and does it, so I have to be careful to pretend to show it to her friends! Having a clear conscience and acting yourself can help.

(At this moment she put a small burp on my wrist and gave me the usual prompt when I saw it, so I got up and hit my head and ate a banana. “Just because you have the Y chromosome doesn’t mean you can’t get advice.” But it’s a little embarrassing.)

When computers first entered the academic scene in the early 1960s, Dartmouth University built the Kiewit Computational Center to house mainframe computers where students and faculty can share time. Only a few years later, one of the center’s founders, John Chemenny, realized that the average Dartmouth student had more computing power in his pocket than was present throughout the building. It’s a long time ago, and all students are armed with their enhanced power.

Who can help us where this fast-growing technology will lead? I can hardly keep up with what is happening and cannot foresee the day when cranial implants will replace the awkward phenomenon of my wrist. It’s time for us to really start behaving ourselves! Meanwhile, my son gave me a big compliment during one of the twice-weekly zoom sessions with children in Arkansas. I’m with it. Meanwhile, Kathy is wondering if her artificial wisdom will automatically lower my daily goals for tomorrow’s birthday. Am I grateful or frustrated?

Willem Lange can be contacted at [email protected]

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