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US House bans TikTok from official devices

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TikTok is forbidden From an electronic device controlled by the U.S. House of Representatives, according to an internal notice sent to House officials.

According to a notice provided to CNN by the Office of the Chief Executive Officer, users who have installed the short-form video app on House’s mobile devices will be asked to remove the software.

The notice identifies TikTok as “a high risk for users due to numerous security risks.”

Separately, the U.S. government will soon Ban TikTok From All Federal Devices As part of the legislation contained in the $1.7 trillion package of legislation awaiting President Joe Biden’s signature.movement comes after more Darth State In recent weeks, it has implemented its own ban on TikTok on government devices.

TikTok used to ban the app A “political gesture that does nothing to advance national security interests” from a government apparatus. TikTok declined to comment on the House restrictions.

U.S. policymakers have cited TikTok as a potential national security risk, and the Chinese government could pressure TikTok or its parent company ByteDance to hand over personal information of U.S. users. said. China-sponsored disinformation.

There’s no evidence that it actually happened, but the company confirmed last week that it fired four employees for inappropriately accessing TikTok user data for two journalists on its platform.

Since 2020, TikTok has been negotiating potential deals with the U.S. government to resolve national security concerns and keep the app available to U.S. users. TikTok said the potential agreement under consideration covers “major concerns around corporate governance, content recommendation and moderation, and data security and access.” We take several steps to organizationally and technically separate user data from the rest of TikTok’s business.

But with the apparent lack of progress in negotiations, some TikTok critics, including at the congressional and state levels, are calling for the app to be banned from government devices and possibly more broadly.

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