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UPDATE: Genesee County included in FEMA emergency declaration | Top Story

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The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is making disaster assistance available to states to supplement state and local response efforts after the storm began Friday.

Tim Yeager, emergency management coordinator for the Genesee County Office, said Tuesday morning it will take about two weeks for the county to apply for FEMA assistance.

“All municipal damages and costs for response and cleanup must be collected and filed with New York State,” he said. “We collect the data. The state will send a team to assess the damage to assess eligibility.”

How does the damage that storms cause to residents’ properties reflect in FEMA’s assistance?

“If the damage threshold is met, low-interest loans may be available,” Yeager said. “These funds are limited in amount and only cover what private insurance may not cover.”

Orleans County Emergency Management Director/Fire Coordinator Justin Niederhofer said the county is waiting to hear from OEMs and FEMA on how to apply for FEMA assistance. Due to the flooding of the lake, residents applied directly.

The Orleans County cleanup is still underway.

“(We are) still working to push banks back into the most affected areas of the county,” said Niederhofer. “As far as I know, all cars have been removed (from the road).”

He said he doesn’t believe Orleans County suffered much damage not covered by private property insurance. Towns and villages should provide information about overtime hours, wages, benefits, what equipment was used for how many hours, and who the operator of that particular equipment was.

“We haven’t gotten any guidance yet, but the fire department should be able to claim some of the costs as well,” he said.

Brian Myers, Wyoming County’s Fire and Emergency Management Officer, said the county was not included in the disaster declaration.

By the President’s actions, FEMA will reduce the hardship and suffering caused to the local population by the emergency, save lives, protect property, public health and safety, and take appropriate measures to mitigate or avert the threat of disaster. empowered to coordinate all disaster relief efforts to provide effective assistance. Catastrophe in Erie and Genesee counties.

Specifically, FEMA is empowered to identify, mobilize, and provide, at its discretion, the equipment and resources necessary to mitigate the impact of an emergency. Emergency safeguards, including direct federal assistance under the Public Assistance Program, are provided with 75% federal funding.

Lai Sun Yee has been appointed Federal Coordinator for federal recovery efforts in the affected areas.

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