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Too Many Guns = Too Many Deaths

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Can gun control reduce gun violence?Here’s the fact again: according to a 2016 study Epidemiological review, Wherever the country imposes “new restrictions on gun purchases and ownership,” these measures “continued to reduce gun deaths.” As Vox’s Zach Beauchamp reportThe study concluded that “gun violence has diminished” whenever “a country passes a gun control raft at the same time.” In addition, gun safety packages for which these countries chose fashion “all tended to share similar features”: banning “powerful weapons” such as “automatic rifles”, conducting background checks, And compulsory permits and licenses. As the lead author of the study told Vox, “instead of seeing an increase in homicide rates across countries, there was a decrease wherever this type of gun limit was passed.”

There is There is almost no chance It means that such a law will be passed in the near future. This means that other patterns of fact that are currently shaking, such as the abundant evidence gathered about what the bullet does to the human body, will last forever. hundred Bullets can Score Of the human body. 2017, Jason Fagon report Extensive on the HuffPostHighline on bullet and body related facts.The most interesting thing I learned from his story is that while people die from gunshot wounds, it can be just as dire. No Die with a gunshot wound. actually, according to For the Radiological Society of North America, “most of the cost of treating victims of gun violence is spent on ongoing medical care,” as opposed to emergency medical care that took place shortly after the shootings. ” ..

To Wit: Some children who were just injured in school shootings have lifelong health concerns. They suffer neurological damage as a result of blood loss. They are forced to use artificial anal bags for long periods of time. In general, bullets that break through bones, muscles, and organs leave permanent damage.Heathershire Explained This latter concern is a process called “cavitation”. Atlantic 2008: “A fast bullet causes a band of tissue damage that extends several inches from its path. You don’t actually have to hit the artery to damage it and cause catastrophic bleeding.”

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