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The Play Store doubles down on cross-device app management with its latest tool

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No more guessing if your game actually supports Android TV

There’s nothing worse than finding a new app or game from the Play Store, but you’ll find that it’s not working properly on all your devices. Google has made changes to its list of apps to make it easier to determine if it’s compatible with your smartphone, watch, or smart TV. All of these appear in one useful section.

In the list of Play stores[このアプリについて]When you move to the section, you’ll see a new subheading at the bottom of the page. 9to5Google.. “Compatibility with active devices” doesn’t show previously unpublished information, but it keeps all your gadgets in one place. Thus, if you find a game that seems to work best for your Android TV, you don’t have to think for a long time whether it actually works on Chromecast.

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Some of the information here is just above it, including version number, download size, required OS, etc.[アプリ情報]Repeated in the section. It’s also possible that Google will eventually minimize the Compatibility section and add it as a single line to the App Info tab. However, you can change the version of the app by keeping it as a separate panel.

This section should show information about devices that have been actively used within the last 30 days, but it doesn’t seem to work properly. On multiple phones (everything I actively used this month), this section of the Play Store only showed the phones I had.my Pixel 6For example, I didn’t see the Pixel 4a 5G associated with my account. again, TCL6 series TV I reviewed it.

However, mileage can be different. This missing information could be some sort of glitch affecting my personal account — after all, it seems that other users are working as intended. Also, this seems to be a slow server-side deployment from Google, as it’s completely missing on another device I checked.


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