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The Best Smartwatch of 2023

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Smartwatches do everything from sending text, call, app, and email notifications to tracking activity and monitoring your health. The biggest things to keep in mind when choosing a new smartwatch are the features you’ll utilize most and what smartphone operating system you use. 

We tested eight wearables to compare their features, fit and comfort, ease of use, and value to find the best smartwatch. Our top pick is the Apple Watch Series 8; although it’s only compatible with iOS, it’s the easiest watch to navigate among those we tested while also offering robust health and fitness tracking tools. For Android users, we recommend the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. It has a durable, rugged design and multi-day battery life.

While most smartwatches track some amount of activities, they’re not all full-fledged fitness trackers. Dedicated fitness trackers provide a variety of trackable workouts and often have in-depth progress-tracking capability, monitor your rest and recovery, and offer workout recommendations. For additional information on these, check out our guide to the best fitness trackers. 

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Top picks for smartwatches:

Best overall: Apple Watch Series 8 – See at Amazon
The Apple Watch has long been one of the best smartwatches on the market and the Series 8 is yet another premium, full-featured wearable that’s a must-own for iPhone users.

Best budget: Fitbit Versa 3 – See at Walmart
A quality smartwatch doesn’t have to cost a fortune and Fitbit’s Versa 3 is the best example of why. It offers a robust smartwatch experience with a variety of health and fitness tracking, third-party app support, and a long-lasting battery.

Best for Android: Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro – See at Amazon
The Watch 5 Pro is Samsung’s rugged Galaxy Watch option that has multi-day battery life, unique health and wellness insights, and tracking for a variety of activities like hiking, trail running, and snowboarding.

Best for Pixel users: Google Pixel Watch – See at Best Buy
Google’s Pixel Watch is an excellent smartwatch that’s lightweight, fluid and intuitive to use, and has a sleek, classic design.

Best for fitness: Garmin Epix – See at Garmin
The Epix line from Garmin can do it all: it tracks an endless amount of activities, has a battery that lasts upwards of a week and offers highly accurate GPS tracking.

Best premium Apple Watch: Apple Watch Ultra – See at Amazon
The Ultra is a souped-up Series 8 that introduced the excellent new Action Button, has a battery that lasts longer than a day, and features a larger, more rugged design that is perfect for athletes. 

Best Fitbit: Fitbit Sense 2 – See at Amazon
Fitbit’s Sense 2 is great for health-focused users who want a quality smartwatch experience coupled with in-depth insights into their sleep habits and stress levels.

Best with bezel: Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic – See at Amazon
Samsung’s latest smartwatch, the Watch 6 Classic, brings back the rotating bezel from the Watch 4 line, and it makes navigating the excellent Wear OS 4 operating system that much smoother and easier.

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