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The 18 Best Apple Watch Series 9 Bands in 2023

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The Apple Watch Series 9 is one of the best smartwatches on the market but perhaps its best feature is its compatibility with a variety of interchangeable bands. Even straps that fit previous generation Apple Watches, like last year’s Series 8 or the 2nd Generation SE, are compatible with the Series 9. This creates a diverse selection for users.

Picking out the best Apple Watch Series 9 band comes down to both personal preference and personal style. There are sport bands for the active wearer, designer bands that up the Apple Watch’s fashion sense, and leather and metal options that evoke classic wristwatch stylings.

Below are 18 of the best Apple Watch bands for the Series 9, including picks from Apple itself, as well as other brands like Nomad, Hermes, and Lifeproof. No matter what you consider the best Apple Watch, any of these new bands can improve the way the watch looks and feels. Be sure to grab one of the best Apple Watch screen protectors, too.

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Sport bands

The Series 9 is a premium fitness tracker, making it the perfect companion for one of the best Apple Watch bands for working out. Apple does offer a selection of different sport bands when purchasing the Series 9, but there are a variety of others from brands like Lifeproof or Nomad.

  • Apple’s Sport Band is made of durable yet comfortable rubber that doesn’t irritate your wrist while working out.

  • This nylon strap has a lightweight, breathable design that works well for runners, cyclists, or anyone who keeps active.

  • Nomad’s Sport Band is a stylish alternative to Apple’s offering that’s slightly more functional for the avid outdoors person.

  • LifeProof’s Eco-Friendly Band is made of 99% ocean plastic yarn and is a comfortable and durable all-around sport band.

  • Lacoste’s Apple Watch Strap is style mets function. It’s made of comfortable silicone that’s great for the boardroom or the gym.

Leather bands

While the Series 9 excels as a sporty smartwatch, this doesn’t mean it can’t clean up well. And the best method for doing so is by donning one of the best leather Apple Watch bands.

They’re durable, stylish, and fit a variety of use cases, making them some of the most versatile strap options on the market. And although Apple stopped selling leather products, several other brands still offer premium leather options.  

  • Apple’s Leather Link features a distinctive yet classy pebbled design, and is available in a variety of different colorways.

  • The Modern Band from Nomad is made of Horween leather and achieves a rugged yet stylish look that fits the design of the Apple Watch well.

  • Bellroy’s Leather Watch Strap is like a leather version of Apple’s Sport Band, right down to the durability, color options, and comfortable fit.

  • Tasikar’s Leather Band is a budget watch band that features high build quality, a rugged, timeless design, and a classic watch clasp.

Metal bands

Metal is a classic watch band material that has the capability of turning the Apple Watch into a stunning timepiece. They’re great for an office setting, while on a date, or just whenever you feel like upping your fashion sense.

The best metal Apple Watch bands include picks from Apple, as well as other brands like Shinola or Nomad.

  • Apple’s Milanese Loop is a chic, stylish watch band that’s made of stainless steel and modeled off a classic 19th Century Italian design.

  • The Apple Silver Link Bracelet features a traditional butterfly clasp system that evokes the style of a standard stainless steel wristwatch.

  • Speidel’s Twist-o-Flex Band has a similar link design to Apple’s Silver Link Bracelet but at a much more budget-friendly price.

  • The Apple Watch Band from Spigen features a classic linked design and a traditional clasp — and won’t break the bank at $40.

  • The Linked Band from Case-Mate has a stylish matte rose gold finish, a linked design, and an easy to use butterfly clasp.

Designer bands

The cream of the Apple Watch band crop is the wide range of designer bands available for the Series 9. Apple’s partnership with Hermes is a great place to start to find quality, stylish designer bands but there are a number of other best designer Apple Watch bands from brands like Kate Spade and Coach, too. 

  • The Hermes Rouge Sellier is made of a durable woven material and features a unique (and stylish) multi-color design.

  • The Kate Spade Stainless Steel Band features scallop links adorned with gold accents and sparkling bedazzles, and is available in 10 colors.

  • This band from Coach has a metallic mesh design, a foldover clasp, and the understated yet iconic Coach logo right below the watch face.

  • The all-black Michele Apple Watch band is made of durable stainless steel, features an easy to use clasp, and is both sleek and stylish.

What to look for in an Apple Watch Series 9 band

It’s vital to first think about how you’ll use your Apple Watch in order to decide which band is best. Active users may want to opt for a sport band first while those who spend a lot of time in the office should opt for a leather, metal, or designer band.

Another key consideration is the various features native to certain bands. Do you want a magnetic closure or an elastic band? Do you want a wider strap or something a bit more narrow? Keep these questions in mind while shopping to ensure the band fits your preferred wear style. 


What is the best Apple Watch Series 9 band?

This depends entirely on how you’ll use your Apple Watch since not every band is perfect for every situation. For instance, if you work out a lot, you probably don’t want to buy a leather strap as your daily driver.

Some straps and materials are more versatile than others and can be used in a variety of different ways. For example, a woven nylon band is a great workout strap that can also look good in an office setting. Classifying any Apple Watch Series 9 band as the ultimate best really just comes down to how it’s used. 

Is there a difference between an Apple band and those sold by third parties?

There isn’t a big difference between bands sold by Apple and those offered by trusted third-party companies outside of the actual branding. Some Apple bands can be more durable but this isn’t a strict rule for every strap. 

When looking for a third-party strap, it is important that you shop from a trusted brand. These include sellers like Nomad, Otterbox, and Lifeproof, among others. There are plenty of lower-quality third-party brands that sell Apple Watch straps that look incredibly similar to something from a trusted band. While these may be cheaper, they likely won’t last as long. 

Where are Apple’s leather watch bands?

Apple announced it would no longer sell any leather products in an effort to reduce its carbon emissions. The decision impacts its Apple-branded leather watch bands, as well as the designer options from Hermes that it sells through its store.

Apple will now substitute a new suede-like material called FineWoven to replace the discontinued leather options. 

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