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Svenja Thoes disqualified, Simone Mitchell declared winner at IM Ireland

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Live photo of Svenja Toz crossing the finish line before authorities disqualify her for outside assistance

Live coverage and several online magazine articles saw German star Svenja Thoes win Ironman Ireland in Cork by a margin of 2:56, but IRONMAN online results said Thoes was not included in the roundup. and has not yet responded to Slowtwitch inquiries as of this writing.

A few hours later, an Ironman official posted an explanation that they had actually disqualified the German triathlete.

“Race officials have taken notice of a case of alleged outside assistance involving professional athlete Svenja Toes at the IRONMAN Ireland, Cork Triathlon on Sunday 14th August 2022. After an investigation by officials, the athlete was disqualified after the race.The appeals process remains open to athletes in accordance with the normal competition rules, after which the results will be finalized.”

After two consecutive victories in the 2022 season and a second place finish at the famous L’Alpe d’Huez triathlon two weeks ago, Toes came back from 6:30 behind in swimming and 17 seconds ahead on the bike. leg. Tose then set a race-best she unleashed her marathon in 3:12:33 and finished in 9:24:54, Simone of Great Britain she beat Mitchell Laura of Germany who finished third with 2:56 She trailed Zimmermann by 3:51.

Unless evidence proving the German triathlete’s innocence is presented to Ironman officials, Tose will be denied a third career Ironman victory.

race summary

Britain’s Chantal Santer and Switzerland’s Nina Deron escaped the Celtic Sea in 51:31 and 51:35 respectively, ahead of Germany’s Anlena Vestpole, Japan’s Ai Ueda and 2019 Ironman Welsh champion Simone. – Nearly two minutes ahead of Mitchell…a further minute behind was Great Britain’s Tara Grosvenor, with pre-race favorite Germany’s Svenja Toes a further four minutes behind.

Thirty miles into the challenging, rolling 112-mile bike section, Santa and Deron together led, with Mitchell and Best Paul 4:30 behind. Eight minutes ago German Laura Zimmermann and Margit her Elfers advanced to her fifth and her sixth. Halfway through, Santer and Deron maintained their lead, with Zimmermann, Eifers and Mitchell 5:20 back.

Later in the ride, Tose charged furiously and closed much of the deficit. Meanwhile, Zimmermann, Eifers, Tose, Mitchell and Deron all arrived in his T2 in the lead pack within 30 seconds of him, with Saint just under two minutes behind him as he fell back to sixth.

After 10k, Towes took the lead over Zimmermann and Mitchell a minute and a half behind. After 21 kilometers, Tose’s lead was 10 seconds over Mitchell. Zimmermann was in his third, 1:44 behind, while Sainter regained momentum and maintained his fourth place behind him, 4:44 behind the leaders. With 10k to go, Zimmermann was second with 2:27 in arrears while Mitchell was three minutes behind.

After setting a race record in the marathon of 3:12:33, Towes finished in 9:24:54, 2:56 ahead of Mitchell (3:14:41 run split) and in overtime. was 3:51. (Provisional) 3rd place winner Zimmermann (3:16:26 marathon split).

With Towe’s frenetic finish now erased from the records, Simone Mitchell was declared the winner with a time of 9:27:50, 50 seconds ahead of Laura Zimmermann in 2nd and Chantal Santa (Great Britain) in 3rd. 6:25 faster.

ironman ireland cork

Youghal/Cork, Ireland
August 14, 2022
2.4 miles south. /B 112 miles. /R 26.2 miles.
* DQ Svenja Thoes (GER) S approx 58:00 B 5:14:21 R 3:12:33 TOT 9:24:54
1. Simone Mitchell (GBR) S 53:36 T1 3:05 B 5:14:04 T2 2:27 R 3:14:41 TOT 9:27:50
2. Laura Zimmerman (GER) D 59:05 T1 3:05 B 5:08:05 T2 2:06 R 3:16:26 TOT 9:28:45
3. Chantal Sainter (GBR) S 51:31 T1 2:36 B 5:17:51 T2 2:33 R 3:19:46 TOT 9:34:15
4. Nina Delon (SUI) S 51:35 T1 2:32 B 5:16:35 T2 2:20 R 3:23:22 TOT 9:36:21
5. Tara Grosvenor (GBR) S 54:16 T1 2:37 B 5:L31:31 T2 42:23 R 3:08:33 TOT 9:39:18
6. Anna-Lena Best-Pohl (GER) S 53:32 T1 2:42 B 5:26:45 T2 2:20 R 3:20:57 TOT 9:46:14
7. Margrit Elfers (GER) S 58:54 T1 3:12 B 5:08:33 T2 2:38 R 3:35:55 ​​TOT 9:49:10
8. Ai Ueda (JPN) S 53:34 T1 2:44 B 5:40:49 T2 2:00 R 3:23:31 TOT 10:02:36
9. Hillary Hughes (IRL) S 1:03:36 T1 3:23 B 5:32:20 T2 2:18 R 3:25:34 TOT 10:07:08

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