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Steering wheel lock devices go quickly to Kia drivers during Saturday giveaway

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Saturday morning, the Erie County Sheriff’s Office ran out of supplies of Kia safety locking devices in less than 30 minutes during a four-hour scheduled giveaway.

A 16-year-old boy accused of driving the stolen Kia Motors, which crashed on Route 33 last month, said: “v…

Distributed at the County Highway Garage on Harlem Road in Cheektowaga, the device was used to secure the steering wheel of Kia vehicles manufactured between 2011 and 2021. These cars are stolen all over the world because the starting ignition is so easy to operate.

Kia has 100 devices each available to the Sheriff’s Office and Amherst Police Department after four Buffalo teens were killed in a stolen Kia on Kensington highway on Oct. 24. I made it

The 16-year-old driver survived. He was arraigned Tuesday in Erie County Court on multiple felony charges, including manslaughter, assault and criminal possession of stolen property. He was driving at high speed when he lost control of his Kia. According to prosecutors, the entrance to the Sukajakada highway.

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Buffalo News does not release the driver’s name because of his age.

Amherst Police provided locking devices to Kia owners on a first-come, first-served basis on November 10. According to the department’s Facebook page, they were gone within a day.

The South Korean auto giant, which sells 3 million cars a year, says crime against cars across South Korea is not a defect in its cars, but a “local crime problem” fueled by social media. He said that he believes that

A spokesperson for Kia Motors told Buffalo News earlier this month that it plans to distribute the devices through the police rather than requiring customers to go to a dealer, as is often the case with car repairs and recalls. Said there was

There was no announcement on Saturday as to whether or when more devices will be available in the region.

The mother of two passengers who died in the Buffalo crash has filed a federal lawsuit against Kia America, accusing the automaker of failing to prevent vehicle theft. National social media trends This resulted in thousands of Kia being stolen across the country.

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