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So where were the “good guys with guns”? Standing around doing jacks**t, as usual

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Almost 10 years have passed since the last school shooting that killed as many children as were killed in Uvalde, Texas on Tuesday. The shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in New Town, Connecticut killed 20 children and 6 adults. It must have been a mass shooting that changed everything, remember? The killings were so horrifying and most of the victims were so young and innocent that the House and Senate could certainly come up with some sort of “common sense” gun control that everyone could agree on.

Ha! Ten years have passed, but what happened? There is nothing at all. why? Within days of Sandyhook’s shooting, at least in part, the National Rifle Association, one of the largest contributors to the political campaign of domestic (mainly Republican) politicians, has gained momentum in the new gun law. I took action to stop. I could even go.

Wayne LaPierre, CEO of the NRA, called a press conference in Washington in one sentence and began refraining from gun and gun violence and gun control. He’s a good guy with a gun, “Lapierre said that day. What we might call the Lapierre Rule is the gospel for gun owners, gun manufacturers, and the Republican Party, a party that opposes gun control of all kinds. LaPierre’s rules have evolved into this jewel-like subrule. The solution to gun violence is not to reduce the number of guns, but to increase the number of guns in the hands of more people.

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After Sandy Hook, NRA has deployed armed police officers at all schools and launched a campaign to promote “open carry” legislation nationwide. These are state laws and you can openly carry any type of gun (handgun or rifle) to a person or car without permission. At this point, 31 states have enacted open carry legislation on their books. Fifteen states need to permit the carrying of pistols, and only five states, including the District of Columbia, have laws prohibiting the carrying of pistols in public places.

Last year, Texas passed its own law permitting the free carrying of pistols and other firearms without permission. The law was passed less than two years after mass shootings in El Paso and Odessa killing 30 people. The solution to the bad guys who have guns is more guns, do you know? The Texans don’t want to make it difficult to buy a gun or limit the time or place a citizen can carry a gun. They want to make it easier. They want more guns on the street, not fewer.

Gun ownership numbers in Texas vary. According to the World Population Review, according to one survey I’ve seen, 45.7% of Texas citizens over the age of 18 own a gun. According to another study by Rand Corporation, 37% of adults in Texas live in homes with firearms. According to a recent report on the NBC, Texas has the highest gun ownership in the country. After the shooting on Tuesday, a tweet by Governor Greg Abbott emerged in 2015, saying, “I’m embarrassed. Texas is the second-largest place in the country to buy a new gun after California. Let’s do it. ” The tweet was posted following the Houston Chronicle’s report that gun purchases in Texas exceeded one million annually.

In Yuvarde, a “good man with a gun” in police uniform stood for nearly an hour before attacking a classroom, killing 19 children and two teachers’ murderers.

Whatever figure you use, don’t you think it’s the hell of many “good guys with guns” in Texas? If all that was needed to defeat a bad guy with a gun was a good guy with a gun, where was the post-shooting question for Yuvarde? Even good men with guns in police uniforms were revealed on Friday and waited almost an hour before they attacked the classroom with shooters, and 19 of them said they were bordered before. Waiting until they could be backed up by the SWAT team from the patrol, they finally used a gun to kill 19 children and two teacher murderers.

An 18-year-old shooter living in Yuvalde bought two AR-15 semi-automatic rifles, more than 1,600 ammunition and 50 rounds. 50 — A large magazine just days after your birthday on May 16th. Texas law requires you to be 18 years old to buy a rifle in the state, but at that age you can buy all kinds of rifles, including semi-automatic AR-. 15 style weapons. The shooter was able to buy two AR-15s the day after his birthday, which he believed had already planned to kill the children at Yuvarde’s elementary school. Much has been done from the fact that he wasn’t old enough to buy beer, but he was old enough to buy a rifle that could fire a few bullets per second. He was also able to purchase seven 30 magazines, including at least 210 bullets.

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On Friday, I heard reports that Yuvarde citizens, including at least one parent of a murdered child, were outside the school and yelling at armed police to go inside and take on the shooter. A cell phone video shot on-site at 12:37 pm shows a policeman holding his hand and a person filming him while a shooter is killing children in school. It shows that you are trying to prevent and keep the crowd away from the door. school. I hear one person calling on another person to go to school and attack the shooter because the policeman isn’t doing anything. Another video shot at the same time showed a number of police officers in full tactical equipment detaining parents trying to enroll in school to get their children back. One father was sprayed with pepper on his face, Mother was handcuffed.. In the background, an armored policeman is hiding behind the bed of a pickup truck, pointing his AR-style police rifle at the school door.

So some of the good guys with guns did exactly what so many police officers were accused of every day.

A Texas Public Safety Department spokesman said the shooters were in school for nearly an hour before the Border Patrol SWAT team arrived on Friday and was able to break into the classroom where he was and kill him. By that time, all the children in the classroom were dead.

Also, none of the 13 million gun owners in Texas were in the Uvalde scene. All the good guys with guns that Wayne LaPierre told us are the only ones who can stop the “bad guys with guns”. “”

It’s not surprising to see reports of the aftermath of mass shootings in this country. The shooting at Buffalo’s Tops Supermarket took place two weeks ago, where someone with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle came in and this time killed the kids, yet another in another building. I’m looking at an image of the exterior. The scene is always the same. Heavy-armed police officers in camouflage uniforms, protected by bulletproof vests and helmets, are discussing with each other, along with the full picture of military-style tactical equipment. Some of them are dispatched to do what the military calls “setting boundaries.” This would, in the case of mass shootings, string a yellow crime scene tape around the scene to protect it from civilians approaching the scene. And probably contaminate the evidence. In Yuvalde, at least one armored personnel carrier was seen near the school after all shootings were over and all children died.

There are always a lot of heavily armed police officers at the scene of the shootings After they occur. The reason they think they need to appear to be dispatched to serve at the forefront of Ukraine and other war zones is beyond me. But they are there, wearing enough bulletproof vests, have enough firepower to attack the infantry battalion, and what are they doing? Standing around

Every time another shooting incident occurs, more money flows into the police station to buy military rifles, military shotguns, and military bulletproof vests. why? To look cool as they stand in the parking lot while people die.

It’s all one. Every time another shooting incident occurred, the police station’s budget was flooded with more and more money, and they went out and went out with a military M-4 rifle and a military shotgun, a military body. Buy armor and military helmets and army style camouflage uniforms. why? That’s why they are so cool. If they are trying to confront one of these mass archers, if they are all equipped with army-style tactical equipment and have an army-style AR-15 rifle, then by God they are one. Will never be-up! Just as Greg Abbott and the Texans advised him to buy more guns to catch up with California (!), Police officers will buy more guns and bulletproof vests — More than anything — They are ready the next time they are asked to stand in the parking lot of a building after 10 or 20 people have been shot dead and their bodies scattered somewhere on the floor.

The fact that the NRA tournament begins in Houston on Friday and that August gun enthusiast organization CEO Wayne LaPierre comes up with yet another recommendation to the masses has a strange and ironic perfection. .. One year they tried “my dead hand”. If you need my gun, you need to pry it open from my dead hand. Then came a good man with Wayne’s gun.

Maybe this year Wayne will explain to us that we don’t have the reason we did all these school shootings and genocide. Sufficient A good man with a gun. Better people! More guns! It shows these mass murderers! The next time one of them shoots at school, more People standing outside and picking up donkeys in camouflage uniforms while the bodies of the dead are lying inside submitting to the service of criminal investigators.

More guns, and more crime scene investigators! This shows that we are second to none in Texas.

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