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San Benito qualifies for FEMA aid – SanBenito.com

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The San Benito County Emergency Services Department has been given verbal notice from federal officials that the county is eligible for public assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency due to damage from the recent winter storms.

The amount of FEMA funding available to local offices has not been determined, and the funds will be released in the form of refunds after the county completes certain storm-related repairs, said San Benito County spokeswoman Monica. Leon said.

Under FEMA’s Public Assistance Program, FEMA can provide up to 75% reimbursement on eligible expenses. This may include emergency protective measures, debris removal, and infrastructure repair or replacement required for disaster-related damage. Recent San Benito County Supervisors Conference.

Public assistance from FEMA does not include funding for privately owned homes or structures affected by the disaster, according to county officials.

Counties such as San Benito became eligible for FEMA public assistance after President Joe Biden issued a major disaster declaration for the region’s jurisdiction in early January.

Biden has declared disaster after a series of severe rainstorms that have hit the Central Coast for weeks since late December. In San Benito County, storms caused flooding in many parts of the country, damaging and blocking roads and forcing dozens of residents to evacuate their homes and businesses. Most of the displaced people in San Benito County live in Lovers Lane in the northern part of the county.

County officials announced on January 27 that San Benito has qualified for FEMA public assistance.

But at the same time, the county learned from FEMA that it was ineligible for the federal agency’s Individual Assistance Program. Individual assistance funds would have been available to people and families who suffered property loss due to the declared disaster.

According to county officials, as of Jan. 16, only three California counties (Merced, Sacramento, and Santa Cruz) were eligible for FEMA individual assistance due to the recent weather emergency.

County officials also announced this week that they have opened a disaster information center for residents affected by the winter storms. The San Benito County Local Assistance Center operates from the Strada Verde office at 354 First Street, Hollister. The center “will have access to services from state, county, and community-based organizations,” Leon said.

Residents can visit local assistance centers to learn how to get help with flood assistance, housing and rent assistance. Ask about insurance. Get information about exchanging important records. Emergency aid for immediate needs, such as food and unemployment.

The center is open from 4pm to 7pm on February 2nd, from 10am to 5pm on February 3rd, and from 2pm to 6pm on February 4th. A Spanish translator will be stationed.

For comprehensive information about the county’s storm recovery and available resources, please visit: www.cosb.us/storminforecovery.

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