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Samsung is making ‘extended reality’ wearable devices

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Samsung’s Unpacked event is Galaxy S23 When galaxy book 3. clearly To Washington Post Working on “augmented reality” (i.e. augmented reality, mixed reality, virtual reality) wearable devices. Without many details, the hardware runs a new Google-designed version of Android designed with wearable displays in mind. quest lineQualcomm will provide the chipset.

The ‘XR’ hardware will also require partnerships with Meta and Microsoft, but Samsung didn’t elaborate further.Rumors swirl Microsoft Retiring HoloLens 3 I agree with this project.in an interview with post, mobile president TM Roh said the ecosystem needs to be “somewhat ready” before launch. The tech giant wants to avoid the failure of rivals who have debuted comparable hardware without strong support.

Samsung is no stranger to wearable screens.The company entered the market in his 2015s Gear VR, used smartphones as both display and computing power. In 2017, the company dove into his PC-oriented mixed reality headset. HMD OdysseyBut since 2018, Samsung has strayed far from the market to rivals like Meta and HTC.

Whether the timing is right is another matter. Roh said Samsung has been working on its latest initiative for some time, which could give the brand a quick rebuttal. The long-rumored Apple headset It may debut this spring.That being said, the meta Struggling to tackle the metaverse When 11,000 jobs cut Cost cutting last fall. Microsoft, on the other hand, has been working on issues such as: Military HoloLens sales discontinuedthe departure of the team leadover allegations of fraud When report The company may have discontinued the entire HoloLens unit. recent layoffsSamsung is looking to re-enter the mixed reality space as some of the biggest players in the category fail or bow their heads. I’m not sure the Galaxy makers will do well.

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