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Samsung Introduces Knox Guard for Enterprises: Another Layer of Device Security

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Samsung Electronics America, Inc. today expanded its Samsung Knox enterprise mobile security platform. Samsung Knox Guard.. This new risk management solution allows enterprise IT departments, telecommunications service providers, device finance, and insurance companies to remotely and temporarily lock enrolled devices. KnoxGuard’s ability to quickly disable a phone can prevent theft and reduce the risk of fraud. Backed by Samsung’s hardware-level Knox security platform, Knox Guard provides additional protection throughout the product life cycle.

Knox Guard provides enterprises with an easy-to-use solution to mitigate the risk of lost, stolen, or fraudulently reported corporate-owned devices. When these unforeseen circumstances occur, corporate IT teams, carriers, and insurance companies use Knox Guard to remotely place temporary locks on their devices, allowing unauthorized users to access their features and data. You can prevent access.

Once locked, if the device is stolen or illegally purchased, the device will be virtually unusable, preventing the device from being diverted or illegally resold. The protected data may not be accessible locally or remotely. Once the issue is resolved, the IT administrator can securely unlock the device remotely via KnoxGuard. You can also unlock the device if the Knox Guard administrator selects the PIN unlock option. The two-step verification system provides an alternative for legitimate users and IT administrators to unlock devices even when they are not connected to the network.

Carriers can also use these features to mitigate the financial risks associated with equipment installation planning. Knox Guard allows carriers to send hidden push notifications if the buyer hasn’t paid. If the device buyer defaults to installment payments after repeated notifications, Knox Guard will allow the carrier to lock the device remotely while allowing the carrier to install an application to facilitate payment. .. In addition, Knox Guard can prevent other SIM cards from being used on your device, limiting features such as making and receiving calls, sending and receiving SMS / MM, restricting data usage, and fully locking your device.

Knox Guard could also prevent theft of devices in transit as rumors spread that Samsung Galaxy devices are protected as soon as they are manufactured and remain protected when moving from factory to warehouse or store. I have. If a device is reported stolen, Knox Guard locks the device remotely and leverages hardware-backed security, tamper-proof IMEI numbers, rogue firmware blocking, network bypass protection, and more. Prevents the user from disabling the lock screen. When your device safely arrives at the retail store, you will be freed from these KnoxGuard protections.

“The loss of mobile devices due to theft, fraud, and default payments is a real challenge for businesses.” Balamulgan Tinagarajan, director of Samsung Electronics America’s product GTM, said. “Millions of smartphones are reported to be stolen or stolen every year around the world. Knox Guard steals and resells Galaxy phones while protecting legitimate owners of devices and their data. We mitigate these risks by eliminating incentives. ”

As the latest example of Samsung’s long-standing commitment to mobile device security, Knox Guard is compatible with other enterprise solutions and is supported by many Samsung Galaxy devices. Knox Guard helps enterprise IT departments, telecommunications service providers, device finance and insurance companies reduce the risks and concerns associated with fraud and theft.

For more information on Knox Guard, please visit: https://www.samsung.com/knoxguard..

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