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PSVR 2 Is The Wrong Device, At The Wrong Time, At The Wrong Price

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There is a new report from bloomberg Due to a lack of pre-orders, Sony plans to lower its PSVR 2 sales forecast. has been reduced from 10,000 to 1,000,000. The headset will go on sale in just three weeks he February 22nd.

When I learned that Sony was making a second PSVR headset, I wasn’t too surprised. Because the first headset was practically the most popular in his VR generation.

  • PSVR 2 is priced at $550 – Not only are Meta Quest’s competitors likely to be present and future, but they’re also more expensive than the top-tier PS5 itself.
  • PS5 required to play – That’s another thing. Meta Quest is standalone, but you’ll need to own a PS5 to run PSVR 2. Though that might have been more acceptable if you needed to connect other VR headsets to your high-end computer. , and the standalone set has been a big breakout ever since.
  • corded – Again, this is not what most VR players want in 2023. Many VR headsets, including the Meta, have gone cordless, here still tethered to the PlayStation.

  • Launch games are limited – The new Horizon VR title is its biggest launch draw, but again, it’s charging $550 just for a smattering of games, many of which have been ported.
  • PSVR 2 is not backward compatible – I imagine a lot of people enjoying PSVR 1 but being very disappointed that their entire library hasn’t been migrated to the new unit. I understand why, but it doesn’t feel right to be asked not to be backwards compatible when A) you buy expensive new hardware and B) you’re very standardized in the console space itself.

Finally, we don’t know if continued large-scale investment in VR is the current trend. We’re watching Meta’s grand VR ambitions threaten to sink an entire trillion-dollar company. VR has seen some growth, but not explosive momentum. The next big VR headset release isn’t quite as anticipated as the next big regular console drop.

Just as PSVR 2’s performance has plummeted and Meta continues to pour money into its own headset ecosystem, we’re headed for a situation where big companies will continue to invest heavily in the VR space for the long haul. I can feel it. The breakthrough moment in technology always feels like he’s five to ten years away, but it’s about seven years after it was first said. Even as technology evolves, in many ways we face more challenges than ever before. , and some aspects feel like a step backwards.

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