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People Think Gory Texas Shooting Photos Should Be Published

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Wait, what?

In the wake of horrific and sad things Mass shootings in Uvalde County, Texas, Many of us are asking one question. What does it take to change America in ways to prevent these tragedy?

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David Boardman, The Dean of the Klein Media Communication College in Temple has an idea of ​​what can help open people’s eyes, which should be controversial. Boardman is one of many journalists and other civilians who believe it’s time to begin publishing footage of the massacres caused by mass shootings.In other words— ”Post the bloody corpses of the slaughtered children to the United States to show how realistic it is. “

“I couldn’t imagine what I said a few years ago, but with the permission of the surviving parents, it’s time to show what the slaughtered 7-year-old child will look like. We will find more courage than thoughts and prayers, “Boardman posted on Twitter.

In an interview with Philadelphia MagazineBoardman, a former Seattle Times editor, elaborated on his position and emphasized that he would never insist on making such a decision without consulting the victim’s parents.

This is what he told the magazine:

What really surprised me was the fact that this was almost exactly the 10th anniversary of a very similar elementary school shooting in Connecticut, and virtually nothing has changed. In fact, in many states, including Texas, Easier To buy assault weapons and commit this kind of exorbitant crime.

So, as journalists, we are faced with a textual description of this kind of vicious crime and the fact that pictures of these innocent toddlers in the shape of angels are not moving citizens. I think I have to. Indeed, a political machine in the way it needs to be moved. So this seems to be the case — and also I ask for permission from my family to be able to do this, and I won’t do it today or tomorrow, I’ll be up to next week or next week Maybe wait — to show the public, and thus the US Senator, what this kind of devastation looks like.

In 1955, Emmett Till’s mother put on the coffin of her 14-year-old son so that the United States could see the exorbitant cruelty of what white racists in the South are doing to black men. Insisted on opening and publicly exhibiting. jet The magazine took the picture, the picture spread to the country and the world, and it showed a real change in the civil rights movement. I think we are at that point now.

Similarly, journalist Stephanie Ruhle was formerly Secretary of Homeland Security. Jay Johnson The United States said, “We need the moment of Emmett Till.”

35th Anniversary Ellis Island Medal of Honor

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“We need to look at the pictures-an image of innocent children slaughtered in Texas. That was the only thing that awakened America from this defeated haze and took real action against guns.” Johnson told Rule.

So I can find out where they came from. Even with the consent of their parents, by publishing graphic pictures of the children who were shot dead, shaking lobbyists and conservative politicians, “my cold dead hands” these killings are gun access or loose guns Gun lovers who never admit that it has anything to do with the law. The cruelty of dead children if reports of 19 children and two adults being mercilessly shot by an 18-year-old shooter’s legal purchase of the weapons used in the shooting are not enough. I can’t believe the pictures. It will help.

Moreover, many Recently Polling It shows that 54 to 60 percent of Americans are already in favor of stricter gun control, and that’s it. Was made that way The past few years. (This point was covered in the interview, but it’s worth repeating.)

And I really don’t like the comparison of Emmett Till.

Is Emmett Till Moment really useful?

In the case of Emmet, the United States did not have to be convinced that it needed to enforce civil rights law.— I had to be convinced that it was bad for black children to be killed in the first place. (Sometimes we still feel like we’re still trying to convince America) In most cases, even gun nuts see what happened in Yuvarde as a tragedy. They just refuse to admit that the gun is at least part of the problem.

But hey, that’s the opinion of only one man.

Interestingly, the actual Emmett Till Foundation also tweeted about the possibility of the genocide being shared with the world …

Nicole Hockley, the mother of Dylan Hockley, the victim of Sandy Hook, has also joined. Hockley, CEO of the Sandy Hook Promise Foundation, is not convinced of the idea of ​​”Emmett Till Moment.”

What do you guys think? Will exposing the genocide make a difference? Is it worth a try?

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