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New York State Urges Recipients of Government Assistance to Protect Themselves Against Card Skimming

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Thieves using skimming devices to steal benefits from electronic benefit card users

Federal funds bill includes provision to issue additional assistance to victims of stolen benefits

Gov. Kathy Hochul today called on New Yorkers who receive government assistance via electronic benefit transfer cards to take steps to protect themselves from criminals who use “skimming” devices to steal benefits from unsuspecting recipients. I urged him to teach. The governor also thanked the New York Congressional Delegation for its efforts to secure two years of federal funding to provide additional assistance to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program recipients whose benefits have been stolen.

Governor Kathy Hochul

“It is unconscionable that thieves are stealing SNAP benefits from some of the most vulnerable New Yorkers,” Governor Ho-Chol said. I urge you to defend, and I thank Senator Gillibrand and the delegation of the New York Congress for their efforts to address this national issue.”

New York State’s Office of Temporary Disability Assistance, which oversees SNAP, has developed outreach materials to inform EBT card users about actions they can take to protect themselves and their interests. video, “Act quickly!” and leaflets, “Protect yourself from EBT skimming” You can download it in both English and English and share it on social media. Spanish.

When shopping, consumers should examine card readers for parts of the machine or overlay devices that could hide anomalies such as traces of glue, damaged or loose parts. I have. If you think something is wrong with the machine, do not use your card, notify the store manager, and contact your local social services department and local police.

In addition, EBT card users must:

  • Protect your profits by shielding the PIN pad when you enter your PIN.
  • Change your PIN frequently and do not share it. We recommend changing your PIN immediately after each transaction.
  • Regularly check your EBT account for unauthorized charges.
  • If a transaction is unexpectedly declined or you receive an error code, please contact the EBT Customer Service Helpline to verify the transaction on your account.

Across the country, thieves are copying card and PIN information directly from EBT users using card skimmers hidden in card readers at legitimate retailers. Scammers use stolen data to create duplicate versions of cards to gain access to compromised accounts and redeem rewards.

Otherwise, skimming devices allow legitimate transactions to proceed unimpeded, so victims typically don’t know they’ve been compromised until their next purchase attempt or account balance check. does not notice

New York legislative delegation lobbied to ensure language was included in the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023, allowing victims of theft to receive up to two months of benefits using federal funds for the current and next federal fiscal year. can be recovered. The state is also working with the USDA to identify options to further enhance EBT card security.

If you believe your reward has been stolen, please contact the EBT Customer Service Helpline at 1-888-328-6399 or ConnectEBT.com, report so you can get a new card. Suspected victims should contact their local social services department to report that their benefits have been stolen and file a police report with their local police station.

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