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Luis Ruelas accused of giving Teresa Giudice’s daughters fake Cartier

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This might be worth flipping the table over.

Teresa Giudice’s new husband, Luis Ruelas Giving four daughters Cartier bracelets For Christmas – but now he’s accused of handing out fakes.

Instagram account The Real Bad Fashions reposted the video Teresa’s daughter Gia filmed this while unpacking her vacation bags.

“Why is the Cartier logo off-center?” the creator of the account asked, Share up-close photos To prove that the box Gia is holding does not bear the official Cartier emblem, the bracelet’s

Commentators were quick to comment. Inside the box, it looked too awkward to be a brand new Cartier box…the law,” one person wrote.

Zia Giudice
A fan on Instagram thought the Cartier bracelet gifted by Luis Ruellas might not be real.

“These could easily be replicated on 47th Street…” another follower tweeted, a third “RHONJ” fan I have written“Money speaks…wealth whispers…and these girls are screaming.”

However, James Leonard, the Giudice family attorney, told Page Six Style that the gift was a big hit with his new family.

“Given the true meaning of Christmas, I think people should focus their attention elsewhere rather than silly stuff like this,” he says.

“Having said that, the girls are very happy with the bracelet and are grateful to have received it.”

Guidance of Christmas present
An Instagram detective questioned the authenticity of the bracelet and box.
Karina Kun/Tik Tok

And many others believed that bling was legal.

“Website images are not always accurate, especially when it comes to packaging,” commented one supporter. Another poster wrote, “I just went to the Cartier flagship store and got a Christmas bracelet. The inside has a cushion where the logo is. It’s the real deal.”

Teresa and Ruellas celebrated their first Christmas as a couple This year, Giudice’s daughter Milania, 16, First shared on TikTok Ruelas bestowed a five-digit bracelet on each of his stepdaughters.

The Giudice family celebrated Christmas with elaborate gifts.

Giudice family

The Giudice family celebrated Christmas with elaborate gifts.


“Louis has always been a big deal and even got a Cartier bracelet last year,” she said, showing off her yellow gold. cartier love bracelet ($6,900) Ruelas gave her last year.

“This year he gave it to me and my three sisters again. It was lovely.” Juste un Clou bracelet ($12,500), set in yellow gold with 32 diamonds.

real housewives of new jersey weddings
The couple got married in an elaborate ceremony in August.

‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ stars and businessmen got married in august at a lavish ceremony in New Jersey.

Her four daughters, Gia, 21, Gabriella, 18, Milania, 16, and Audriana, 13, served as bridesmaids.

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