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LPD seeks public’s assistance ID’ing ring of ATV bandits | Free News

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Four-wheeler thefts are on the rise throughout Laurel and Jones counties, and investigators are working to dismantle a criminal gang believed to be involved in thefts of four-wheelers. Law enforcement is urging everyone to be vigilant following his recent December 16 theft.

Thieves raided Proflow Motorsports and stole a four-wheeler, but not just from a Jones County business.

Laurel Police Investigator Brad Anderson said, “It’s a very large investigation with a lot of work pieces because it’s so extensive.” We strongly encourage the community to lock the . Please pay attention to your community.

LPD is searching for multiple suspects but has not been able to identify them. (The suspect’s video is leadercall.com). The LPD has made arrests, but there are still suspects missing.

A side-by-side was stolen from a Honda of Laurel in July and is believed to be related to the current theft in the area.

Ivan Smith, 35, and Jhavon Grayson, 21, were arrested last week for commercial robbery but the extent of their involvement is unclear, officials said. It is believed, but investigators have so far not disclosed whether they were involved or connected.

Smith was arrested Wednesday at 12:09 am on suspicion of commercial robbery and charged with providing false information to law enforcement officials.

Grayson was arrested for robbery on December 23 and released later.

Grayson was arrested on aggravated assault charges following a mass shooting at a party in May of this year.

LPD is working with JCSD to uncover the extent of ATV theft.

“Victims often don’t have the vehicle’s (vehicle identification number), so it’s very difficult to track down a stolen vehicle,” said JCSD investigator Sgt. J.D. Carter. “We see a lot of parallels with these thefts, from the thefts here in Jones County to Harrison County. They are very difficult to track because they can be hidden.

“As soon as it’s stolen, it’s taken to at least another county. I was told I would be very lucky if I found the ATV in the same place it was stolen.”

The Jasper County Sheriff’s Department reported that 12 ATVs were stolen. 2022.

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