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Leaker foresees Galaxy S23 Ultra doom and tips Samsung Galaxy 24 Ultra zoom camera changes

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A fully overhauled Galaxy S24 Ultra could reignite Samsung’s dwindling smartphone fortunes. (Image source: Science and Knowledge & Unsplash – redacted)

The Samsung Galaxy S23 series has yet to be released, and one of the high-profile leakers has already predicted that both the S22 Ultra and S23 Ultra will have tough times ahead. The Vivo X90 Pro+ appears to be the main threat to the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s success, so the same source offers early hopes for the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Ice Universe, one of the most famous smartphone leakers, has focused on the Galaxy S23 Ultra model to provide their perspective on how the market will handle the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S23 series.Not a fan of the base Galaxy S23 device, but tipsters have some info praise Especially in the camera department, for the S23 Ultra. From the outside, he might look like a clone of the S22 Ultra, but he suggests that fans and potential buyers should look out for a number of interior upgrades. However, having said this, leakers haven’t stopped predicting the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s potential demise before its release.

In another thread, ice universe “And Samsung wants to turn defeat into victory, and we can only wait until 2024 for the S24 Ultra.” as an example. His 3.5x optical zoom on the device is said to be better than his 10x optical zoom on the Galaxy S22 Ultra. actual, sauce He’s very impressed with Vivo’s efforts and update strategy, and believes the Chinese OEM’s flagship phone will also “likely kill the S23 Ultra,” triggering the demise of its predecessor. Ice Universe seems very disappointed about his 2023 flagship, suggest Samsung is looking to introduce more changes with the release of the “S23S Ultra” model later this year.

reportedly with Samsung Fail It’s easy to see why leakers are already predicting the doom of the Galaxy S23 series in order to hit the 30 million unit sales target for the Galaxy S22 series. ice universe too Presented Some details about the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra say it will “adopt a new solution” when it comes to the zoom camera setup. And the leaker also says the S24 Ultra’s main camera may be unchanged, or only “slightly changed.” There was, so it’s unlikely he switched allegiances in a whimsical way.The sales iPhone 14 lineup.

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