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Kentucky American Water talks conserving water, higher bills and additional assistance

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Lexington, Kentucky (WTVQ) — As Lexington continues to experience the aftermath of a recent winter storm, bursting pipes and leaking water, some may be concerned about the potential impact on their next water bill. I can’t.

“Whenever you have a leak in your home, whether it’s a leak or a break, it’s like a customer or a leaking toilet you’ve experienced in the cold. These things do happen and affect It’s possible, more water is used and more water runs through the meter, which drives up your water bill.”Kentucky American Water.

So what should you do?

“If you are in a situation where your water line is broken at home during this cold weather, please check our website for hidden leak fix information. Especially if it is a hidden leak such as a basement leak. , because some breaks are subject to water rate adjustments,” adds Lancho.

She also says a broken water main won’t affect your water bill. In some areas that encourage water conservation, Rancho also shared some tips to help with water usage.

“For example, you save water by not flushing it unnecessarily when you brush your teeth or shave in the sink. You can also take short showers, such as short showers instead of long showers, or you can shower for 5 minutes. use it only when the laundry or dishes are full.

Rancho also says that if your home is suffering from a broken water pipe, you should try to identify the source of the problem. , wall water pipes, or even outdoors, etc. want to stop that water flow so they can fix it, so they want to know where the main water shut off valve is, You can go ahead and turn off the water to prevent leaks from occurring, wasting water and potentially damaging your home or other structures.”

If you have questions about your bill or are in a pinch, help is available.

“If next month’s water bill is affected, we’ll know when the next month’s bill will come. And we want to talk about some options as to whether you can pay it in installments or be eligible for other types of assistance,” Rancho says.

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