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Iridium Rolls Out More Capable GO! Device for Off the Grid Personal Connectivity

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Iridium GO! exec device in use at a remote location.Photo: Iridium

Iridium Communications is rolling out a new portable wireless access device called Iridium GO! An upgraded version of Iridium GO! exec A device that allows you to use your smartphone remotely like a satellite phone.

Go out! exec is a small, portable personal communication device that fits in your laptop carrier or backpack, providing wireless Internet connectivity to your smartphone or laptop. The company says it will use its Iridium Certus 100 service to provide download speeds 40 times faster than his on GO!. Speeds are advertised with up to 22 Kbps transmit and up to 88 Kbps receive.

“This is the most capable personal satellite-connected device ever made for smartphones and tablets,” said Iridium CEO Matt Desch at a virtual launch event on Tuesday.

This bandwidth allows users to send and receive emails, use chat or office applications, make phone calls, share photos, and social media from their devices using compatible proprietary messaging apps such as WhatsApp. You can post to Iridium has worldwide coverage with its L-Band network and this device will work in all countries where his Iridium is licensed. go! exec can support up to 4 Wi-Fi connected devices at once.

It’s marketed as a solution for working remotely off-grid anywhere. This could be remote professionals, NGO workers, civil servants, utility workers, first responders, pilots, and seafarers. External antennas and fixed installation kits for boats and remote locations are also available to order.

According to Desch, the design came from conversations with customers about how GO! Experience a more natural Internet experience for off-grid customers.

“Go! exec allows anyone, anywhere to submit reports, transfer image and video files, use popular messaging apps like WhatsApp and WeChat, and use standard messaging from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. It gives us access to office applications,” says Desch. “This is a small, portable, battery-powered smart-he companion for your smart-he device. There is nothing quite like this product. Helps professionals and everyone stay productive and connected wherever they are.” make it possible.”

Iridium doesn’t share pricing for the device or plans, but says it’s affordable, placing it in its line of premium satellite phones.

Desch believes the device will bring new individuals and businesses to Iridium. Iridium reports that consumer personal communication devices like GO! continue to do well. Record earnings in 2021.

The company is also working on the scope of its network, It recently announced a partnership with Qualcomm Technologies on satellite-enabled chips. This enables messaging on Android phones over satellite. Emergency messages will be available on the next generation of his Android smartphones, launching in select regions from late 2023, and may be extended to other consumer devices, IoT devices and vehicles in the future. .

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