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IOM steps up support as Rohingya refugee numbers rise in Southeast Asia

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About 3,300 people arrived in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand last year, according to the United Nations agency. Said,approximately 290% increase Over 850 recorded in 2021.

IOMs He urged countries in the region to work together. Providing life-saving care and supporto Refugees are prevent loss of life at sea during the migration journey.

generous support

The Rohingya, a majority Muslim community, have fled waves of violence and persecution in Myanmar. In 2017, more than 700,000 people fled the country to escape a brutal military crackdown.

About one million Rohingya now live in a crowded refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

“Since the beginning of the Rohingya refugee crisis, IOM has been resolute in providing much-needed humanitarian assistance to the Rohingya.

With the number of arrivals continuing to rise, with nearly 300 people already arriving as of 23 January, IOM has stepped up its efforts to provide critical humanitarian assistance.

Provision of basic services

Most arrivals have been recorded in Indonesia, where IOM is working with authorities, NGO partners and the UN refugee agency. UNHCRfacilitating access to basic services.

IOM has provided protection and medical services, in addition to refurbishing temporary shelters, ensuring water supply, access to food, sanitation and waste management.

The team also conducts briefings in Rohingya to help refugees identify risks related to human smuggling and trafficking, gender-based violence, sexual exploitation and abuse.

Education and Housing Assistance

In Thailand, IOM is providing health services to the Rohingya, facilitating alternatives to detention for migrant children and mothers, and increasing education services for those in displacement camps.

Meanwhile, Malaysia is expanding its cash-based rental assistance program following a vulnerability assessment to address the constant threat of eviction facing Rohingya refugees.

Since 2020, over 3,000 Rohingya in three countries have received direct assistance from IOM.

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