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IKEA unveils smart home hub with Matter support, revamped ‘Home’ app

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IKEA has launched many smart home products over the last eight years Including blinds, Light, etc., equipped with a HomeKit compatible TRÅDFRI gateway.Now the company has announced that it has a brand new smart home hub Matter In addition to support, a redesigned “home” app along the way.

IKEA announced the news press release today:

The next step in a journey that enables a better daily life and a smarter life for many is to launch a Matter-enabled hub for the smart product DIRIGERA. Using the new software, DIRIGERA is built to handle more product segments and load more products than existing TRÅDFRI gateways. It also enables a new and more user-friendly IKEA Home smart app.

In collaborations between Matter, Apple, Amazon, Google, Samsung, Connectivity Standards Alliance, and many other companies including IKEA, The latest release scheduled for this fall..

The goal is to enable customers to seamlessly recognize that smart home devices work in setup (cross-platform, including HomeKit), and to make them faster, more reliable, safer, and easier to use. is. One of the underlying technologies Matter uses to enable it is threads. We’ve already seen many smart device companies adopt threads like Apple on their HomePod mini. Belkin, Nanoleaf, Evemore.

IKEA says connecting smart devices to the new DIRIGERA Matter hub will be “significantly easier” than today’s hubs. TRÅDFRI hub..

In addition to the new hubs Matter supports, the company’s “Home” app will be overhauled. “The new IKEA Home smart app is convenient, easy to navigate, user-friendly and can lower the threshold for people considering setting up a smart home.”

The current IKEA smart home app and TRÅDFRI hub will continue to work, and if available, DIRIGERA will work on all existing IKEA smart home devices.

According to IKEA, the new DIRIGERA hub and updated smart home app will be available in October this year. The company also made fun of “future” and “more” new smart home products.

The company’s latest smart home product is IKEA. Announcing two new smart blind options March.

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