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How to Get Slack’s Paid Features for Free

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slack is worth it If you are a company, pay for…. However, if you use Slack for your online community, you should probably stick with the free version.

This is partly because most of Slack’s paid features aren’t really needed if you’re just using it as a group text platform, but also because paid options can get expensive quickly. Plans start at $7.25 per user per month. So a community with 20 users would cost $174 a month, or over $2,000 a year. That’s probably more than you’d pay for the privilege of joking with your friends (they’re charming, I’m sure).

Still, some of these paid Slack features are pretty cool, especially access to an archive of old messages. And really, you can get that and a few other extras without paying if you put in a little effort. Method is as follows.

Get unlimited Slack message history for free

The free version of Slack allows users to scroll through messages from the last 90 days and search for messages. I can’t find anything older than that. However, these messages have not gone away. All will be shown when you start paying.

And there is another loophole. With Slack, admins can Export all data, containing the complete backlog of all messages.just go to Settings and management > Workspace settings It’s in the Slack menu. Settings will open in your browser. Data import/export Click the button. Click it and you can select a date range to export all messages. Note that free users cannot export direct messages (DMs) or private channels. Public channel only. The actual archive comes in his ZIP file full of JSON files, which isn’t the most readable in the world. Still, it’s all there.

A free tool called Slack export viewer helps by converting these files and loading them in your web browser. Complete with a Slack-style sidebar for browsing channels. It works (I tested it), but you need to be familiar with the command line to set it up.Another option is JSON translatorcan be used to convert a ZIP file into a readable CSV file. CSV files can be downloaded and opened using Excel or Google Sheets. (CSV files contain data records separated by commas, hence the name.)

If you want a public archive, go here slack saverYou can upload the ZIP file you exported from Slack and once the conversion is complete you can share the link to the full archive with the whole community. It needs to be refreshed from time to time to include the latest posts, but it works. Be aware that web-based services upload complete archives of conversations that people might have thought were semi-private. Make sure the community is okay with it before proceeding.

Get Slack Huddles for free

Slack’s Huddle feature doesn’t ring, unlike voice calls, so you can simply turn on Huddle in any channel and people can join when you want. No video, just audio and screen sharing, perfect for impromptu quick conversations.

But Slack’s Huddles aren’t the only tools for the job. You can create a room with Gatherwhich Make your virtual party really fun Use pixel avatars that can move towards or away from each other. Perfect for the drop-in/drop-out conversations that make Huddles so great. You can also link to the Gather room in your Slack channel topic.

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