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How to create an Amazon Echo stereo pair for music and TV

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The Amazon echo Range constitutes some The best smart speaker You can buy, and they are designed to be great on their own. But you don’t have to compromise on using just one. They are great for multi-room music. Similarly, you can pair the two and enjoy stereo audio. This is good for music and podcasts, but it also helps to bring Amazon Fire TV a little more in the sound department. You can use Echo smart speakers to create high quality home entertainment systems at an affordable price. If the idea of ​​using a stereo pair of Amazon Echo speakers is appealing, set it up like this:

Before you start

Amazon Echo Dot

It goes without saying that you need two Amazon Echo speakers before you start. Also, for this to work, you need to have two identical models. Therefore, if you are using 3rd and 4th generation echo dots, as in the image above, you will not be able to create a stereo pair.

You can create a stereo pair from Almost all echo speakers You are currently accessible, it is supported throughout the range. The only limitation is that very old Amazon Echos don’t support this feature, but at this point, anything from the second generation onwards is fine.

As long as they are set up and linked to your home network, that’s fine. The two speakers should be grouped in the same room in the Alexa app. If they are listed in different locations, you will not be able to select them. You also need the Alexa app on your smartphone. Windows apps are even more restricted, so you’ll need to have your phone handy for this.

How to create a stereo pair with Amazon Echo

How to create an Amazon Echo stereo pair

Assuming both Echos are set up and connected to your home network, the rest is easy. Pick up your smartphone, open the Alexa app, and follow these steps:

  1. Of the app[デバイス]Select a tab.
  2. Press the + button in the upper right corner.
  3. Tap Combine speakers.
  4. Select the option at the bottom of the stereo pair / subwoofer.
  5. Select the two speakers you want to combine.
  6. [次へ]Tap.
  7. Select the channel to the left or right of the first speaker and the app will automatically assign the other channel.

After a short wait, the two echoes pair up into a new group. Alternatively, you can start the stereo pair from within the settings of your existing Echo device.

In this new group, you can tap individual speakers to change channels as needed. Sound can be heard from both speakers at the same time. Similarly, if you ask Alexa to turn the volume up or down after pairing, both Echoes are synchronized and adjusted. However, not everything you do with Echo supports stereo.

For example, if you ask Alexa, only one speaker will answer, usually the closest speaker physically. Some skills are limited to one speaker for audio. But most of the time, you’ll be doing this for music anyway. In that case, you’ll get great stereo sound.

    The Amazon Echo is the best all-round smart speaker for most people, with great design, great sound, and the immense power of the Alexa ecosystem at your disposal.

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