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Highlands Ranch man sentenced to federal prison for defrauding pandemic funds

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Denver-Highland Ranch men for about three and a half years in federal prison for fraudulently acquiring more than $ 800,000 through federal pandemic loans, grants, and unemployment insurance spent on travel, jewelry, plastic surgery, and more. I was sentenced to prison.

Daniel Stoneberger, 50, after admitting that he had fraudulently obtained an economic injury and disaster loan and a grant, paycheck program loan, using several LLCs, including one that had previously disbanded. I have agreed to a judicial transaction with a US lawyer’s office in the Colorado area. According to his judicial transaction, unemployment assistance.

According to court documents, Stonebarger was able to earn approximately $ 855,252 through EIDL, EIDG, and PPP loans and grants through various projects whose information was partially tampered with.

He also applied for pandemic unemployment support. This is one of the federal unemployment programs that started about three months after the COVID-19 pandemic, asking for payments back to March 2020, but his business record was set until April 1. Was not done.

However, he was able to receive $ 28,142 in the PUA Fund from the Colorado Labor and Employment Department.

Some of the things he bought with fraudulent money were Range Rover 2016 for his wife, $ 9,000 for plastic surgery for relatives, $ 7,000 for weight loss, $ 5,000 for bridal costs, and $ 10,000 for jewelry. , Peloton, travel, resort costs, according to his petition agreement.

In addition to the money he received through various loans and grants, he also had some requests rejected by the Small and Medium Business Administration because he did not verify certain information.

“The defendant took the money that was to be used to provide emergency financial assistance to small businesses and individuals suffering from the negative financial consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic,” the United States said. Lawyer Cole Finegan said. “Indictment of pandemic fraud is a priority of the Department of Justice and is an ongoing focus for investigators here in Colorado.”

In addition to the 41-month imprisonment, Stoneberger must be sentenced to prison after being released under three years of surveillance. He also had to return $ 794,462 to the SBA and $ 28,142 to the CDLE, and the judge sentenced him to confiscate more than $ 822,000.

The prosecution involved the COVID-19 Fraud Execution Task Force, which was established in May 2021 to help uncover millions of pandemic-related frauds. CDLE, FBI, Secret Service, and the US Prosecutor’s Office were involved in the investigation.

“We are investigating and prosecuting people who have stolen important pandemic-related government funds for personal gain, Colorado unemployment fraud,” said Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser in a statement. Established a task force. ” “I am grateful and proud to have been able to bring this defendant to trial for government fraud in collaboration with the Task Force and a US law firm.”

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