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Gun laws in the US: Why Congress won’t act on legislation anytime soon

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Proposals to review gun law (such as the ban on assault-type weapons and large magazines) face sharp conflicts at the federal level, but there are several areas of bipartisan consensus. It is not yet known if it is enough to break the parliamentary predicament.

Here’s what you need to know about what Congress is considering and where it is.

Bill passed by the house, HR 1446With the help of South Carolina Democrat Jim Clyburn, we’re closing what’s called the “Charleston Loophole.” This allows you to sell licensed guns before the required background checks are done.

Specifically, the law extends the time a federal firearms licensee has to wait for a completed background check before transferring it to an unlicensed person from 3 business days to a minimum of 10 business days. increase.

Using that loophole, white shooters were able to legally purchase firearms to kill nine people at the historic Black Church in Charleston, South Carolina in 2015.

Senate Democrats took steps to submit the bill on Tuesday night. Enhanced background check method in 2021Add to the legislative calendar to allow you to vote.

It’s unclear when the Senate will vote for the bill, but it’s clear that Congress needs 60 votes to overcome the filibuster and the bill doesn’t have that support (at least for now)-also. There is no support for complete democracy, to completely eradicate the rules of the Senate.

It’s unclear when Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer will try to force a procedural vote to break the filibuster. According to Democratic aides, Saturday will be the earliest time he can set up a procedural vote, unless agreed by all 100 senators.

However, Senators were expected to leave for next week’s Memorial Day break on Thursday afternoon. Therefore, even though leaving town in the midst of the Texas tragedy is bad optics, they may wait to vote for that procedural vote until the break is over.

The aide said he had not yet indicated when Schumer would force the vote.

Still, Connecticut Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal was destined to fail on Tuesday, saying he has been promoting gun safety legislation since Sandy Hook shot in the state nearly a decade ago. He said he should vote, if any.

“I think we need to hold all members of Congress responsible and vote so that the public can know where we are all standing,” he said. Asked about the possibility of a bipartisan agreement, he added, “I think there may be areas of agreement. I have approached an agreement with many colleagues on the Locomotive Acts.”

Even a bill with bipartisan support cannot pass the Senate

Another bill, HR 8The 2021 bipartisan background check will expand the background check for the sale or transfer of all firearms in the country. Currently, no background check is required to sell or transfer guns by unlicensed individual sellers.

The bill has received bipartisan support and passed the House of Representatives last year with 227-203 votes. Eight Republicans upheld the bill and one Democrat voted against it.

Asked on Tuesday about this wider Measurement of background checks that have passed through the houseJoe Manchin, a Democratic Senator in West Virginia, mentioned his own narrower efforts in the Senate: “If you can’t get through Manchin Toomy, how are you going to get enough votes for something?”

In 2013, Manchin, Pennsylvania and Republican Senator Pat Toomey submitted a compromise that required a background check on all commercial sales of guns, including personal sales at firearm shows and all internet sales. But the individual firearms to family, friends and other acquaintances without a background check.

This failed under the Senate Filibuster Rule, despite having a majority of support. Vote 54-46, 4 Republicans to join most Democrats Under support. Senate majority leader Harry Reid then voted “no” to ensure his ability to raise the bill again. Four other Democrats voted against the bill.
Manchin continues Push version of the law More recently.
Republicans will argue that background checks deprive guns of their rights and ultimately deprive them of their guns. Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz said, “We have seen the media that the immediate solution is for Democrats and many to try to limit the constitutional rights of citizens to comply with the law. I’m doing it. ” I told reporters on Tuesday..

Republicans will also argue that the bill does not stop all shootings. this is true. The details of each shooting are different. It is not yet known if any of this law has stopped the shooter on Tuesday identified as Salvador Ramos by Texas authorities.

At this point, Every state has a variation of the rules.. Most actions regarding gun control are taking place at the state level. Because Washington, like many other issues, has been frozen on this issue.

Filibuster again

Democrats argue that this non-compromise means that the rules of the Senate must be changed. There are many themes that Republicans block Democrats. Limit gun rights, expand voting rights, deal with climate change, roll back tax cuts, and more. Calls to end filibuster will continue to grow.

Filibuster cannot be ended until all Democrats agree. Manchin supports gun control measures like he sponsored. However, he is more enthusiastic about maintaining the rules of the Senate and currently needs 60 votes to proceed with legislation.

“Filibuster is the only thing we can do to prevent complete madness,” Manchin said on Tuesday.

Other Democrats, such as Senator Arizona Kyrsten Cinema, also support the maintenance of filibuster. A simple majority is needed to set a new precedent under the Senate rules.

Especially after Cinema tweeted She felt “fear and sorrow” in the shooting on Tuesday, and in 2024 Congressman Ruben Gagego, who appears to be the main challenger, criticized her for supporting the filibuster. “Just stop. Unless you really intend to break the filibuster and go through wise gun control, you should say” thoughts and prayers. ” ” He tweeted..

But for now, all Democrats must agree to end the filibuster, or Republicans must begin to support more gun control measures. Until then, there is no new federal gun law.

Biden calls on lawmakers to have a spine

President Joe Biden addressed the shooting in an emotional remark from the White House Tuesday evening, saying, “When I became president, I thought I wouldn’t have to do this again.” ..

Looking at the issue of gun control law, Biden Begged member To “put this pain into action” when he went through some of the shootings since the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre when he was Vice President.

“Why do we keep this happening? Where is our spine in the name of God who has the courage to deal with and confront the lobby?” He said.

Vice President Kamala Harris “Sufficient,” he said in his earlier remarks on Tuesday.

“Our hearts continue to break …. Every time such a tragedy occurs, our hearts break, and our broken hearts are nothing compared to the broken hearts of their families. No, but it keeps happening, “she said.

Still, the familiar political attitude emerged all day long.

North Carolina Republican Senator Thom Tillis warns Democrats not to have a “reflexive reaction,” and there are more “signs” that an 18-year-old shooter is “at risk.” He said he was confident that he would know in a day.

“That’s scary, and what we need to avoid is a reflex reaction that we must say that everything can be solved by not having a gun in anyone’s hand. We are always about rational measures. I can talk, but I also need to talk about better situations. “

CNN’s Manuraju, Morgan Rimmer, Zackley B. Wolf, Ariza Slav, and Ted Barrett contributed to this report.

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