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Grand Forks PD to add six officers with assistance from grant; in East Grand Forks, recruitment continues – Grand Forks Herald

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Grand Forks — After a federal community-oriented police services grant is approved, the Grand Forks Police Department is adding six sworn officers.

GFPD applied for a grant in June to help cover the cost of additional officer salaries. Salaries are split between the federal government and the city.

The grant will last for three years, according to Lt. Andrew Stein. Once the subsidy period ends, the additional officer salaries are incorporated into the police budget and held indefinitely.

Stein said the hiring of additional officers is based on a workforce analysis conducted by GFPD Deputy Chief Bill McKee.

At the city council meeting in June

Macki presented the results of that investigation to the members of the council. This determined the number of officers the department believed needed to be added to meet the growing population and demand for services.

Currently, the division is authorized to cover 92 sworn officers and three contracted officers, plus three officers placed on military duty.

Lt. Derik Zimmel said the recruitment process for new officers requires an initial evaluation of applicants, including an interview panel. Under city policy, the Civil Service Board oversees how many applicants must be added to the department’s employment register.

With police departments across the country struggling with staff shortages, both the Grand Forks and East Grand Forks police departments have been dealing with recruitment challenges as agencies compete for applicants.

“If you talk to police departments anywhere in the country, they will tell you that they are competing with other agencies locally, regionally and nationally,” Zimmel said.

EGFPD has 23 licensed police officers and currently has 21. A shortage of applicants for two public offices prompted action at the city council level, which members of the city council recently approved.

Recruitment, transfer


retention bonus

to solve staffing problems.

EGFPD head Michael Hedlund said hiring and relocation bonuses have already been advertised for two open positions. As of two weeks ago, the department had received four applicants. The bonus deal expires at the end of next year unless the city council approves an extension.

“Historically, we’ve done a good job attracting people just out of school, but in the face of the crisis we’re facing now, there’s so much competition. “I’ve been a police officer for over 30 years, and I’ve never seen anything like the current situation with so many agencies monitoring it.”

On Wednesday 19 October, Hedlund said there were 94 other agencies recruiting police officers.

“So we are competing with a lot of different departments to try to attract people who are fresh out of school. I am,’ he said.

A wage survey will be completed in East Grand Forks next year to determine what changes should be made to salaries in all departments of the city.

“We are hopeful that the wage surveys the city is conducting across all positions, not just police, will raise salaries enough to keep us competitive,” Hedlund said. .

At Grand Forks, Mr Zimmel said the GFPD does not plan to pursue bonuses within departments, but instead seeks to determine what changes to salaries need to be made in all departments of the city. , said it was considering ongoing initiatives in the city.

“We maintain partnerships with other departments in the city so that we can work together to attract and retain the best candidates,” said Zimmel.

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